VProtect’s AI-Integrated Security Revolutionizes Surveillance in India


In an exclusive interview with TimesTech, Mr. Shankar Subramanian, COO of SIS Alarm Monitoring and Response Services Private Limited, discusses how VProtect’s innovative AI technology is reshaping the security landscape in India. VProtect offers a unique and cost-effective solution that combines human and technological elements, providing efficient, reliable, and user-friendly security. Its Alarm Receiving Centre overseeing 500,000 sites ensures round-the-clock monitoring, fast response times, and respect for user privacy, making it a game-changer in the field of security.

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TimesTech: What sets VProtect’s AI technology apart from traditional security solutions in the Indian market?

Mr. Shankar: Traditional security is reliant on individuals and has limitations when it comes to their presence at any given location. Additionally, it is susceptible to the influence of human behavior, which can pose a potential security risk Traditional security is not a cost-effective solution, and its effectiveness depends on the presence of personnel.

VProtect brings a distinctive product offering that has Alarm Monitoring and Response Solution integrated with technology and human resources to provide a unique, smart, user-friendly, reliable, and affordable security solution.

Firstly, it offers a balanced combination of human and technological elements, with a 30/70 ratio, ensuring efficient protection. Unlike Physical Guarding, VProtect does not influence behavior, addressing privacy concerns. It also boasts omnipresence, covering more ground than CCTV, while maintaining a low cost of ownership compared to Physical Guarding. VProtect offers trained response services with 100% uptime and alert management, minimizing any operational concerns.  Resource deployment is efficiently managed by a trained team, making VProtect a comprehensive and superior security solution.

TimesTech: How does the Alarm Receiving Centre’s capacity to oversee 500,000 sites benefit security in India, and what advantages does it offer to customers?

Mr. Shankar: VProtect’s e-surveillance system delivers a wide range of practical benefits in terms of efficiency and security, making it an indispensable service for various applications. The system provides round-the-clock monitoring, which is vital for ensuring intrusion safety and fire safety, as it guarantees continuous protection against unauthorized entry and fire-related incidents. With its alert-based monitoring, VProtect minimizes the risk of missing critical events, sending immediate notifications in cases of panic attacks or medical assistance needs, thereby improving response times. The use of AI-enabled visual platforms verifies alerts accurately, reducing the occurrence of false alarms and ensuring that resources are allocated to genuine security concerns, thus enhancing overall efficiency. VProtect’s strong civic coordination with law enforcement, fire services, and medical professionals contributes to faster and more effective responses during emergency situations, such as burglaries or medical emergencies. Scheduled geofence beat patrolling is employed to create a visible security presence in specific areas, acting as a deterrent to potential threats and enhancing overall security. Additionally, the system respects user privacy while maintaining their security, offering a valuable safeguard.

VProtect has played a crucial role in various situations, such as detecting and verifying intrusions, and immediately alerting the police for immediate response. It has also been instrumental in scenarios involving elderly individuals facing medical emergencies, triggering alerts that result in swift medical assistance, among other instances.

TimesTech: How is SIS Ltd contributing to the evolving security landscape in India through AI and technology advancements?

Mr. Shankar: With the integration of AI capabilities, the security industry is undergoing significant changes in terms of customer expectations, technological adaptation, process improvement, automation, and cost optimization through technology. These changes include the implementation of smart intrusion and CCTV solutions on a real-time monitoring platform to manage incidents.

VProtect, a 100% subsidiary of SIS Group Enterprises (a market leader in the security, facilities management, and cash logistics business), has been at the forefront of introducing technology to the security sector. VProtect has made investments in a state-of-the-art Alarm Receiving Centre operating on the global platform MasterMind, and it incorporates the latest wireless technology from Israel to provide the best and most up-to-date security solutions in the Indian market. VProtect has observed positive adaptation in the B2B market to this innovative security approach, creating new opportunities across various segments, with significant potential for growth in the residential sector in the years to come.

TimesTech: What are SIS Ltd’s strategies to maintain leadership in the security and facility management sector, while adapting to technological changes and evolving customer demands?

Mr. Shankar: SIS Ltd maintains its leadership in the security and facility management sector through strategic approaches, drawing inspiration from McDonald’s success in institutionalizing uniform systems and culture. The company’s ability to continually innovate and meet evolving customer demands has helped to maintain its distinct positioning in the industry. SIS Ltd has made significant investments in technologies such as ARK, SalesMaxx, iOPS, and iPorter, enhancing operational excellence and expanding the alarm monitoring and response system. The VProtect has helped to position SIS among the top e-surveillance players in India. SIS is actively diversifying its services beyond traditional security and facility management, broadening its portfolio and creating multiple customer engagements.

In addition, SIS prioritizes employee training and development through digital platforms like M-Trainer and SIS Academy, ensuring that its workforce is equipped to adapt to technological changes and changing customer needs. The company is in the process of scaling its technology capabilities to handle a significant increase in operational volume, showcasing its commitment to remaining at the forefront of technology adoption.

TimesTech: How does VProtect ensure data privacy and cybersecurity, building and maintaining customer trust in the age of advanced AI surveillance systems?

Mr. Shankar: VProtect respects user privacy while maintaining its security, offering a valuable safeguard. It has played a crucial role in various situations, such as detecting and verifying intrusions, and immediately alerting the police for immediate response. It has also been instrumental in scenarios involving elderly individuals facing medical emergencies, triggering alerts that result in swift medical assistance, among other instances.