What’s Coming in Tech for 2024: AI, 5G, and More!

by Dhananjay Bhosale


The tech landscape in 2024 is gearing up for some serious upgrades! From AI advancements to turbocharged smartphones and lightning-fast internet, it’s all about making life more exciting and efficient. But as we dive into this tech-driven future, it’s crucial to use these advancements responsibly and make sure everyone gets a chance to benefit from these amazing innovations!

Here’s a peek at the tech changes coming your way this year. 

AI Advancements: 

Artificial intelligence is growing super fast in 2024! It’s getting really smart at understanding tricky information and learning new things super quickly.

AI has become a common feature in most new phones, bringing brilliant capabilities like photo enhancement, generative fill, live translation, and many others.

In medicine, AI is about to change how doctors find problems and treat patients. Fancy AI programs can look at lots of medical information and help doctors figure out what’s wrong with more accuracy. They can even predict health issues and make special treatment plans based on a person’s genes.

AI isn’t just in medicine, though. It’s also helping banks and factories work better. In banks, it’s making things smoother and safer, while in factories, it’s making things faster and more precise.

The maturation of 5G: 

In 2024, 5G technology will spread everywhere, giving super-fast internet and almost no delay in connections. This is changing a lot of things.

It’s making it easier for lots of devices to talk to each other, creating what’s called the Internet of Things. This helps make cities smarter by managing things like traffic and energy better, which is good for the environment.

5G is also helping self-driving cars be safer and better at getting around. In healthcare, it’s making it possible for doctors to do check-ups from far away using really fast internet.

Overall, 5G is making a big difference in how we live, work, and get around, especially in cities and in areas like healthcare and entertainment.

Lightning-Fast Internet Everywhere

Wi-Fi 7! It’s coming out in 2024 and promises crazy-fast speeds that’ll blow your mind. It’s like giving your internet a big superhero upgrade, making everything faster and better.

Wi-Fi 7 is going to be way quicker than Wi-Fi 6. Wi-Fi 6 can go up to 9.6 gigabits per second (Gbps), but Wi-Fi 7 might hit 40 Gbps. That’s seriously fast!

This new Wi-Fi is going to level up your home internet. Imagine downloading a whole movie in just a few seconds or watching super clear videos without any pauses. And it’s not just about speed—it’s also going to handle loads of devices at once. Your smart stuff, like phones, game systems, and even smart fridges, can all connect without slowing things down.

Wi-Fi 7 is going to change how we do things at home online, making sure we’re always connected, whether we’re working, gaming, watching, or just surfing. With Wi-Fi 7, we’re going to have an internet that’s super smooth and crazy fast!

Advanced AR and VR Innovations:

In 2024, new technology will make things really cool! There are these things called AR and VR that used to be just for games and fun stuff, but now they’re doing way more.

Imagine shopping online and being able to see how something would look in your room before buying it—that’s AR.

Apple is jumping into this tech with their Vision Pro headset. Its ability to merge high-resolution displays with sophisticated optics, offering users a portal to immersive, lifelike experiences, makes you feel like you’re actually in another world. Plus, they’re working hard to make it comfy and easy to use, so it doesn’t feel weird like some other VR stuff.

This isn’t just a headset; it’s part of a whole system. Apple’s making it work smoothly with all their other gadgets. So, whether you’re using AR or VR, they’ll all work together seamlessly. Cool, right?


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