WOBOT’s “hygiene tracking solution” to help businesses monitor/ensure Covid-19 guidelines compliance

Keeps a close watch on 20-second hand-wash, PPE, social distancing & premise sanitization


New Delhi, May 08, 2020: Wobot Intelligence, today announced a unique full suite, plugNplay, hygiene tracking solution that can be plugged into existing cameras. When connected to an existing CCTV or camera the solution can effectively monitor 20 second-hand wash, PPE & social distancing compliance, and premise cleaning/sanitation activities. The solution amalgamates facial, activity, gesture, and object recognition. Analyzed visual data is delivered in real-time as notifications on Wobot app, WhatsApp, or e-mail to specified stakeholders.  A web-based central dashboard also keeps track of all organizational data on hygiene compliance in one place. This hygiene and safety monitoring solution has been implemented across India & Middle East at Kitopi, IRCTC, and Rebel Foods & Curefit among others. At IRCTC, where Wobot’s tool has been in operation for a year, there is a noticeable improvement in their hygiene level which has led to a 50% increase in positive sentiment on Twitter.

Talking of the new solution, Adit Chhabra, CEO, Wobot Intelligence said,The COVID-19 driven hygiene guidelines are here to stay even post lock-down is lifted. It’s the new normal for businesses and organizations across India/worldwide. And physical monitoring beyond a point is not effective or scaleable or prohibitively expensive. By ensuring 24×7 monitoring and real-time feed on compliance we are taking the load off business owners and heads of locations or teams in ensuring compliance and improving sanitization in their premises. This inturn ensures the well-being of their employees/team members while bringing down the compliance costs significantly. Happy to play our bit through this solution which is timely and effective.” 

For more information please visit at: http://www.wobot.ai/