Zebra Provides Rugged Tablets to Angel Robotics for Wearable Robots

Tablets used as intuitive controllers and data processors to help analyze wearer’s health status


New Delhi, India – Zebra Technologies today announced it provided Angel Robotics its ET51 enterprise tablet for the controller of wearable robots. The tablet also processes data to help analyze the wearer’s health condition.

Established in 2017, Angel Robotics researches, develops, and manufactures lightweight and sturdy wearable robots that primarily help individuals with either partial or complete paralysis walk.

Sensors mounted on the joints and shoes of each wearable robot precisely monitor the user’s movement and measure the force transmitted from the ground to detect the wearer’s intention to move. During this process, different types of data are collected from the robot including the person’s health status and rehabilitation process.

“Angel Legs M is a medical device used in hospitals for walking rehabilitation. This requires a tablet with a high level of reliability and durability that meets medical device specifications,” said Jonathan Jeong, Chief Operating Officer of Angel Robotics. “Zebra’s Android™-based ET51 met our need for a thin, lightweight rugged tablet that offered a familiar user interface, making our wearable robot easy to use and adopt with minimal training time.”

Angel Robotics worked with Zebra PartnerConnect business partner, JHyun Information and Communication, to build optimized and customized solutions.

“It is a rewarding experience to know that Zebra’s enterprise-class tablet has played a key role in helping individuals with physical disabilities walk unaided,” said John Woo, Regional Sales Director of Korea, Zebra Technologies. “At Zebra, we continuously work with our partners to better understand the needs of our customers to provide them with the right solutions that suit them best.”


  • Angel Robotics has deployed Zebra’s ET51 tablet as the controller and data processor of its wearable robots that help disabled people walk unaided.
  • Zebra’s ET51 was chosen for its rugged, lightweight design and familiar Android operating system (OS) which reduces training time.
  •  Zebra works closely with its PartnerConnect partners, such as Jhyun Information and Communication, to understand the needs of its mutual customers when developing tailored solutions.

For more information, visit www.zebra.com