42Gears Takes Mobile Email Management to the Next Level


BENGALURU, April 9, 2019 – 42Gears, a leading UEM solution provider, has recently strengthened its Mobile Email Management capabilities by improving email security. The feature has been enhanced to better suit the needs of businesses that employ mobile workforces and those that allow their employees to use their own devices for work (BYOD).

Security is one of the topmost priorities of companies around the world today, and I&O leaders are looking for comprehensive, robust solutions to ensure business-critical information is neither lost nor stolen. Mobile Email Management is a key consideration in this regard and solution providers are juggling hundreds of domain- and organization-specific requests at a time.

42Gears Mobile Email Management solution is designed to protect corporate email infrastructures by securing emails across heterogeneous operating systems and endpoints and prevents data loss by encrypting sensitive information and enforcing stricter compliance policies. Its containerization and data loss prevention (DLP) measures tighten data security and prevent unauthorised access to business data.

Prakash Gupta, Co-founder and CTO – 42Gears, says, “Loss of business data can be devastating for an organization. And more often than not, this information is lost by means of emails. There’s no saying when or by whom data will be leaked, intentionally or otherwise. So, it’s best to have processes and systems in place to keep a check on them.”

Mobile Email Management is steadily gaining traction, and 42Gears intends to make email management easy for businesses across industries by offering support for both Exchange On-Premise and Exchange Online. Also, keeping in line with the rising demand for stricter data loss prevention measures, 42Gears has developed Astro Mail, an email client that offers more DLP features than most native email clients and is fully manageable through its UEM console.

“The threat landscape is complex and expanding. The only way to evade threats is to be a step ahead in our thinking,” added Prakash.

For more information, please : http://www.42gears.com.