AAEON announces the new HERO SDK for Linux

Make Hardware a Snap


Taipei, Taiwan May 28, 2019 – AAEON, a leader in industrial embedded solutions, announces the new HERO SDK for Linux. This innovative toolkit makes hardware control and monitoring a snap, speeding up deployment and time-to-market for developers who choose Linux based platforms for their applications.

HERO SDK helps to reduce the workload of developers utilizing Linux operating systems and make utilizing AAEON hardware in their projects easier. By integrating our innovative API within the BIOS on AAEON boards and systems, the HERO SDK libraries are able to move hardware control out of the Linux kernel and onto the BIOS, eliminating the need for drivers which require configuration or limit your choice in OS. This provides developers with unparalleled freedom and flexibility in utilizing their preferred Linux OS, and eliminates the guesswork in downloading and installing drivers.

The HERO SDK provides developers with a user-friendly interface for hardware monitoring and control. The user interface gives developers powerful, but easy to use tools such as system monitoring, smart fan control, digital I/O functions, and Watchdog timer settings.

HERO SDK also provides demo applications to help developers get a jump start. Along with helpful guides and support, developers can quickly begin working on their projects and unlock the full potential of HERO SDK.

All of these features are included in HERO SDK Basic, which is available on the AAEON website to download for free. For developers and users looking for more functionality, AAEON will soon be releasing HERO SDK Standard for purchase. Hero SDK Standard comes with additional hardware control features including a web-based hardware monitor and device management functions.

HERO SDK is compatible with any Linux OS running on AAEON systems with Intel processors from the product ranges formerly Coffee Lake, Whiskey Lake, and Gemini Lake. HERO SDK for other hardware configurations is available on request, as well as HERO SDK for systems running Android.

“HERO SDK will help make hardware integration a snap for Linux users,” said Frank Hsieh, Product Manager at AAEON. “Developers will be able to quickly deploy their applications and not be left in the dust.”

For more informaton, visit : www.aaeon.com