Ansys Releases AI-Powered Virtual Assistant AnsysGPT


Ansys announced the release of its AI-powered virtual assistant, AnsysGPT. Built using ChatGPT technology, the virtual assistant fuses the expertise of Ansys engineers with the power of AI to deliver a general-use tool capable of providing rapid, 24/7 customer support. AnsysGPT is trained using Ansys data to provide useful responses to customers’ most pressing engineering questions within seconds.

An example of the AnsysGPT dashboard that has a clean, easy-to-use interface

AnsysGPT aids existing teams by providing customers 24/7 access to a virtual assistant for queries concerning Ansys products, relevant physics, and other complex engineering topics. Through a secure, easy-to-use interface, designers and engineers receive real-time responses in numerous common languages to help them streamline simulation setup, browse related learning opportunities, and more. 

The updated release follows rigorous testing of response accuracy, performance, and data compliance. AnsysGPT captures knowledge from new public sources, including product documentation, product and engineering-related training documentation, FAQs, technical marketing materials, and public Ansys Learning Forum discussions. Additionally, the upgraded infrastructure offers enhanced security and scalability to accommodate thousands of users.

“As complex simulations can be difficult to set up for beginners and experienced engineers alike, the utility of AnsysGPT cannot be understated,” said Eugen Dinca, senior thermal simulation engineer, Continental Automotive Romania. “It’s easy to use, it’s reliable, and relevant, accurate information is displayed quickly. For example, my query was answered with all the necessary information, including relevant linking to documentation.”

“The release of AnsysGPT marks the availability of a transformational AI-powered technical support avenue for Ansys customers,” said Anthony Dawson, vice president of customer excellence at Ansys. “AnsysGPT is a complementary tool that empowers customers to find answers to intricate questions on their own. This release boasts improved response accuracy, performance, data security, and compliance for users — resulting in accurate, rapid answers to their most important engineering questions.”