AutoNxt Automation shines with its 45HP Tractor at KISAN Expo


AutoNxt Automation, India’s pioneering electric tractor venture proudly showcased its revolutionary 45HP tractor at the prestigious KISAN Expo held in Pune recently. This event attracted agri-professionals, policymakers and like-minded individuals apart from farmers from various corners of the country, including enthusiastic attendees from Punjab, Rajasthan and across Maharashtra.

Our farmer friends from different regions, who have been following us on social media, eagerly visited the KISAN Expo to witness our 45HP tractor in person. The real-time interaction allowed them to experience the power and innovation that our tractor brings to the agricultural landscape,” said Kaustubh Dhonde, Founder & CEO of AutoNxt Automation.

AutoNxt Automation created a buzz at the expo by driving the powerful 45HP tractor around the venue. The crowd, comprising farmers and industry professionals, was taken by surprise as the tractor maneuvered through the expo grounds without them initially realizing the proximity of this high-performance machine. The response was overwhelming, with attendees expressing astonishment at the tractor’s capabilities and features.

The Expo, known as India’s Largest Agri Show, served as an ideal platform for AutoNxt Automation to connect with farmers and agricultural enthusiasts. The vibrant atmosphere allowed the company to engage with a diverse audience, showcasing the tractor’s advanced features, durability, and efficiency. One of the highlights of the expo was the tractor’s ability to approach the crowd seamlessly, sparking strong interest among attendees. With over a lakh progressive farmers in attendance over the span of five days, the expo facilitated unparalleled exposure for the 45HP tractor.

Being part of the KISAN Expo has given us a tremendous opportunity to connect with farmers on the ground and through digital channels. The real-time control and insights provided by the event platform have allowed us to plan our participation effectively and maximize the benefits of this extensive outreach,” added Mr. Dhonde.

AutoNxt Automation continues to be at the forefront of revolutionising the agricultural landscape in India, providing sustainable and innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of the farming community.