Avnet Wins Women’s Choice Award for Best Workplace


The Women’s Choice Award for Best Companies to Work is the only award that reflects the needs and preferences of women based on publicly available data, which aligns with employee and consumer appreciation for corporate transparency.

Avnet’s core value of inclusiveness creates a climate of respect that allows people to embrace diversity of backgrounds, learning, experience and thought. We work to promote excellence by attracting, engaging, and retaining a diverse group of employees including women and millennials,” said Avnet’s Chief People Officer Ken Arnold. “The recognition from Women’s Choice Award reinforces that we are on the right track.”

The objective of the Women’s Choice Award Best Companies to Work for Women, Inclusion & Millennials is to identify companies that best 1) meet the general needs of all working women especially those that placed high on her list such as offering work-life balance and well-being, 2) help women of multicultural backgrounds to navigate the workplace by dismantling systematic barriers and closing race-based gaps, and 3) help millennial women grow professionally and advance their careers while also catering to their active lifestyle.  Data was compiled from a variety of publicly available sources and then weighed accordingly for each of the three categories. Criteria to earn a place on the Women’s Choice Award ‘Best Companies to Work’ list include:

– Female and people of color (POC) representation at the workforce, management and board levels

– Work-life balance benefits such as telecommuting, flexible schedule

– Company care policies: Including points for matching donations, paid volunteer work, confidential mental wellness programs, and transparent benefits for prospective new employees

– Maternity support, such as paid maternity time off and paid paternity time off

– Professional development and support opportunities, such as mentorship programs, professional networks, professional development events and tuition reimbursement

– Wellness benefits and fertility assistance

– Employee Recognition and morale, including celebrations, social events and ESG activities

Each category is given a composite score based on the benefit provided and weighted according to a proprietary process. Companies that surpass a “highest standards” level earn the Best Companies to Work Award. The full ‘Best Companies to Work’ methodology can be found here.

“We take great pride in offering an objective and uniform reporting process so women can choose where to work with greater confidence.  Companies that carry the Women’s Choice Award are celebrating their commitment to women and in this highly competitive marketplace that’s smart business.” said Delia Passi, CEO and Founder of the Women’s Choice Award.  “It’s an honor to recognize Avnet as a Best Company to Work for their investment in women and their commitment to hire and retain top talent and thereby boosting their competitiveness.”