SmartNode: Transforming Living with Innovative Home Automation Solutions


Smart Node, India’s premier home automation brand, has proudly unveiled an extensive range of innovative products designed to enhance the convenience and functionality of modern homes. The comprehensive suite of products includes the HomeLink Screen Panel central control unit, KNX DALI Gateway with Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi DALI Gateway, Curtain Motor, customizable Keypads, KNX Phase Cut Dimmer, and KNX Analog Dimmer. 

The HomeLink Screen Panel empowers homeowners to effortlessly manage all facets of their home automation systems from a single location through a sleek and user-friendly interface. Meanwhile, the KNX DALI Gateway with Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi DALI Gateway introduces advanced lighting solutions that grant unprecedented flexibility and control through digital addressable interfaces. Users can manage lighting via the SmartNode application for enhanced convenience and functionality, as the systems are available in both wired (KNX) and wireless versions.

It has become easy to operate curtains with SmartNode’s ultra-quiet curtain motor to enhance home functionality and energy efficiency. It provides real-time curtain position and status feedback to allow heightened precision control. Moreover, the offering also comes with multiple control options (like versatile remote apps and voice command interfaces). Users can utilize elegant and intuitive keypads to execute multiple home automation functions with a single touch according to their preferences and needs.

Sharing his insights on the launch, the spokesperson of SmartNode said, “Our latest range of smart home solutions reflects our steadfast commitment to delivering unparalleled innovation. Our team has worked tirelessly to build a cohesive ecosystem and contribute to our unified mission of pushing the boundaries of home automation technology. With each new product in place, we aim to transform the modern home experience while prioritizing convenience, comfort, and efficiency all the way around.”

Other outstanding offerings include the KNX Phase-Cut Dimmer and KNX Analog Dimmer. These intelligent dimming solutions are compatible with various lighting types and optimize ambiance while promoting energy conservation.

SmartNode’s latest user-friendly smart home offerings cater to the diverse needs of homeowners. As an industry pioneer, the company aims to continue this momentum of delivering groundbreaking solutions to enrich customers’ lives.