Axcelis Launches High Energy Systems To Leading CMOS Image Sensor Manufacturers


Axcelis high-productivity solutions for the semiconductor industry, announced today that it has shipped multiple Purion VXE™ high energy systems to leading CMOS image sensor manufacturers. These shipments include a follow on order to the recently closed Purion VXE evaluation. The Purion VXE is an extended energy range solution for the industry leading Purion XE™ high energy implanter. The systems shipped in the first quarter.

President and CEO Mary Puma commented, “The image sensor market is forecast to show continued strength due to high demand for products in the growing IoT, mobile and automotive markets. The image sensor manufacturing process is very implant intensive, and with our expertise and knowledge in this area, our expanded Purion high energy product family is poised for further growth.”

Executive Vice President of Product Development, Bill Bintz, commented, “Axcelis has created a flexible, highly differentiated high energy product portfolio that is the implant solution of choice for image sensor manufacturers.  These shipments, combined with our recent Purion VXE evaluation closure and Purion XEmax evaluation shipments, enhance our leadership position in this market. The Purion VXE and Purion XEmax were designed specifically to address the exact needs of customers manufacturing image sensors for applications requiring ultra-high energy implants with extremely precise and deep doping profiles.”

The Purion High Energy Platform

The Purion High Energy Series includes a variety of implanters allowing customers to select the optimal energy level for their application: the industry leading Purion XE; the Purion EXE for enhanced productivity; the Purion VXE for high volume and higher energy applications; the Purion XE Power Series for power devices; and, the new Purion XEmax with patented Boost™ technology for metals reduction and the ultra-high energies required for next generation image sensors.