CEA-Leti All Geared Up To Host Leti Innovation Days Virtually

CEA-Leti will be hosting its annual Leti Innovation Days virtually under the theme “hardware is back”.


CEA-Leti has announced that it will be hosting its annual Leti Innovation Days digitally on June 22 and 23 under the theme “hardware is back”.

The event will be presented at different times for audiences in Europe, North America, and Asia, and will include three workshops on advanced sensing, computing, and wireless communication. Participants also will have the opportunity to virtually tour technology exhibitions and view demonstrations and schedule business meetings with experts and partners.

“Hardware is back” encapsulates microelectronics’ role in powering the future of society with disruptive, ultra-low-power technologies to decarbonize mobility, enable smart cities, pioneer 6G, and strengthen health care. The semiconductor industry is moving toward highly competitive eco-innovation, seeking sustainable solutions and long-term reliability.

Key technologies such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, silicon photonics, smart sensing, wireless communications, power electronics, and imaging solutions will enable products and solutions that bring advanced technology’s benefits to societies worldwide.

CEA-Leti is playing an active role in this process by leading or participating in the developments of key digital technologies based on micro and nanotechnologies. The digital edition of Leti Innovation Days will highlight many of them under development with the institute’s partners.