Ciel & Terre’s 10.765 MWp Floating Solar transforms Tata Steel Jamshedpur’s energy


India is making great strides in harnessing renewable energy to meet its growing power demands and  combat environmental challenges. Among the innovative solutions emerging in this journey, floating solar  projects stand out as a game-changer. Ciel & Terre India, a subsidiary of the renowned French floating  solar leader, Ciel & Terre International, has recently marked a historic milestone by completing a  10.765MWp Floating Solar Plant for Tata Steel in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. This remarkable project is  not only India’s first floating solar installation within a steel power plant but also a testament to the  industry’s resilience in the face of challenges. 

The project utilized 19,936 Nos of ‘Made in India’ Hydrelio aiR 1440 floats, which were carefully  installed on industrial water body. To maximize energy production, Jinergy PV panels were installed in a  4-row configuration with pure south tilt. The plant is comprising of two segments, each with an array  island capacity of 5.44 MWp, resulting in a cumulative capacity of 10.765 MWp. The Hydrelio aiR 1440  floats were designed to withstand maximum wind speed as per IS 875 Part III, a crucial factor given the  project’s location. 

The Tata Steel Jamshedpur project presented unique challenges right from the start. It is an industrial  water body in which the floating solar plant to be installed, Sub bottom soil is a sludge accumulation  which is a difficult condition for conventional anchoring methods. The expert team at Ciel & Terre India  overcame this obstacle with innovative unique Dead Weight Anchoring. Enormous concrete blocks were  prepared and deployed in the water to provide stability for the floats, ensuring they remained stationary  even in the presence of strong winds and waves. Material selection for such industrial areas with  contaminated water is key factor to withhold the entire system for next 25 years.

The project covered a total area of 42 acres, with over 19 acres dedicated to float placement. This  remarkable feat equated to nearly 45% coverage of the water body, demonstrating the project’s  commitment to efficient space utilization. 

The Tata Steel Jamshedpur project underscores the potential of floating solar technology to address the  energy needs of industrial facilities, particularly in raw water bodies. Beyond meeting Tata Steel’s energy  requirements, the project showcases the environmental and social benefits of sustainable energy  generation.  

Ciel & Terre India’s dedication to the renewable energy sector extends beyond this project.  260MWp projects already under the portfolio, the company’s impact on India’s energy landscape is  undeniable. Their footprint stretches across multiple states, including Kerala, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu,  Odisha, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, and Madhya Pradesh. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Tata Steel  and Tata Power Solar for their unwavering support and collaboration throughout the execution of this  remarkable project.