Cloud Communication is Changing the Way of Traditional Communication


In this exclusive interview with Shubhendra Agrawal, Co-founder, Director & CFO at MSG91 we strive to demystify how cloud communications platforms are changing backend tech support? Also the veteran shares about the company’s focus, strategies and leadership in the CPaaS model (Communication Platform as a Service). And not to miss their stance towards integrating advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence(AI) in their services. Edited Excerpts Below.

TimesTech: What are the services MSG91 offers?

Shubhendra: MSG91 is a cloud communications platform that operates on the CPaaS model (Communication Platform as a Service) to provide communication solutions at ease. Every aspect and activity in any business is related to communication and is centered towards it. Be it internal communications, Digital Marketing, client communication, follow-ups, hiring, etc. can be done effectively with the help of communication. 

It is one of the leading and the finest communications platform expanding globally, that enables seamless and effective business communication through various channels such as Bulk SMS, Emails, Voice Chat, WhatsApp, RCS, One API, and Short URL. The firm mainly caters to B2B businesses including Salesforce, WebTiger, The Weeky, etc. just to name a few!

TimesTech: How is MSG91 different from other cloud communication platforms?

Shubhendra: MSG91 is a bootstrapped company and our aim is to make messaging industry absolutely nonparallel in terms of support services. We wish to elevate the standard of express SMS services through its high-end reseller panel and a robust mechanism. Nothing inspires us more than the prospect of transforming lives and enterprises through complete support centric services. We stand out from other cloud communications platforms because we thrive on bringing advanced and developed communication channels for our customers at regular intervals.

TimesTech: Kindly share your future plans.

Shubhendra: We are looking at incorporating AI in our services and we know that artificial intelligence is going to impact every aspect of our life in the near future and we cannot deny that. Artificial intelligence has acted as the main driver of emerging technologies and is an innovator for the foreseeable future.

In the coming days, we are planning to add more Channels and expand globally.

TimesTech: Kindly explain emerging trends that are shaping the future of cloud communication

Shubhendra: Cloud communication is changing the way of Traditional communication way. For Example, if a Business needs to give support to any Hardware issue. So now with cloud communication, they can do real-time troubleshooting with Screen sharing, video sharing. As 70% of the problem is resolved in a few tricks that the support person knows, no need to repair it. 

TimesTech: Kindly share your views on enterprise messaging 

Shubhendra: SMS messaging has existed for ages, but now, it has evolved and has transformed the way brands connect with consumers at the personal level. However, customers have often faced drawbacks with A2P messaging since it lacks customer engagement and there isn’t any room for interactive response.

On the other hand, P2P (Person-to-Person) messaging is available in various formats, like WhatsApp, Wechat and Facebook Messenger. However, despite the presence of a number of chat options available SMS is still the preferred form of messaging and is great for push marketing. The only problem that needs to be targeted is to make it customer-friendly, which can ultimately lead to better outcomes than other forms of messaging available in the market.

TimesTech: How cloud communications platforms are changing backend tech support?

Shubhendra: Traditional communication channels like calls or messages have become obsolete today when consumers are running out of time. Businesses want to be present where their customers are. Not every customer would prefer to resolve their query via call or message, some would prefer support via voice chatbot or WhatsApp notification.
Successful businesses understand that in order to have the loyalty of their customers, they need to be where they want instead of shooting in the dark. As per a Nielson study, 56% of customers would rather message customer service than speak on the phone.
Being present on all the communication platforms would ensure that a customer is satisfied and stays connected with the company all the time.

TimesTech: Is there any new project you are planning? Kindly explain.

Shubhendra: Working on Phone Book As a Services- Segmento. Here businesses can store all the Contact/leads and they can use them as they want to. They can filter out and send mass communication on click without all channels like voice, SMS, Email, RCS, WhatsApp. In fact, they can also automatic communication as per dome conditions like If balance gets low, Not using mobile app ETC.