Cylynt Partners with Thales to Provide Complete License Management and Compliance

Combined Technologies Offer Users Robust Platform for Recovering Revenue from Under Compliance and Piracy, as well as Maximizing Additional Revenue Opportunities


LOS ANGELES – June 25, 2020 – Cylynt is partnering with Thales to provide software developers with industry-leading, synergistic license compliance and management solutions that uncover and protect against misuse of software licenses while also delivering data-driven business intelligence and revenue-generation opportunities.

The BSA Software Alliance has found that nearly 40% of all software installations worldwide are being used illegally. Software companies are losing more than $46 billion a year, making it vitally important for them to use tools like those offered by Thales and Cylynt to fully understand and manage licensed and unlicensed use and identify ways to recover revenue lost to piracy and undercompliance. Detailed usage data collected by Cylynt software also enables companies to uncover and leverage additional prospects for revenue generation through non-traditional sales strategies.

“This partnership with a balance of product offerings is a win/win for software companies,” says Ted Miracco, CEO of Cylynt. “Thales’ digital identity and security solutions are best in class, as is our software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based anti-piracy, license compliance and software monetization technology. The combination offers users a robust means of tracking software misuse and much richer usage analytics than ever before.”

Thales solutions help software vendors maximize revenue by ensuring customers are abiding by their license agreements, while Cylynt solutions gather precise telemetry data that identifies parties who have used software beyond license limits and help capture revenue related to overuse. In addition, Cylynt usage analytics provide companies with insight into how customers and potential customers are using their products, helping them uncover alternative revenue generation opportunities through optimized trial evaluations, support issues and needed features and functionality, and negotiation of enterprise license agreements.

“Millions of people worldwide have had to adjust to working in what has become our new normal,” remarks David DiMillo, VP, global solutions sales at Thales eSecurity.  “With remote and home working at an all-time high, inevitably there has been a strong correlation in the rise of software misuse. Likewise, traditional sales methods have been compromised by travel and distancing restrictions. Controlling how your end-users consume your software applications and gaining insight into actual customer software usage is critical to a company’s sales strategy and helps identify the existing and new markets that will maximize revenue.”

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