Delvitech SA: Artificial Intelligence Applied to Automatic Optical Inspection Solutions


Mr. Roberto Gatti, Delvitech’s CEO, is enthusiastic to open the business to the Asian market. Delvitech is an ambitious company with the clear goal to bring innovative technologies in the electronic production world. Thanks to the experience of management in AOI systems and the relevant investors, Delvitech has become the fastest growing company in the reference market. In a short time, it has developed as global company, crossing the European borders, to reach other strategic regions, such as America and Asia. Delvitech is perfectly aware about the importance of the AOI market in Asia, and about the fast growth of this sector in India. For this reason, a strong investment has been made in Bengaluru. The Silicon Valley of India has been chosen by Delvitech as the setting for a new demo room, spare parts, application engineers and a full team of salesmen headed by Mr. TV Thomas, Head of Asia.

Delvitech is a Swiss based company committed to research, design, produce and implement Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) systems for the quality control of assembled printed circuit boards process (PCB).

Innovation, research and development underpin all company activities. Optical inspection systems are designed utilising diagnostic software based on artificial intelligence and on full 3D inspection technologies to offer extraordinary inspection results and programming quality standards. Delvitech markets its products throughout the world. The management, the whole R&D and the production teams are based in Mendrisio, Switzerland, where the headquarters is located. Branch offices have also been opened in San Diego and Bengaluru to support sales and customers abroad. With a growth plan targeted in expanding into the food and pharma sectors, Delvitech’s goal is to provide clients in different markets with full solutions that make the difference in quality and performance.

Delvitech offers one of the smartest solution available on the market. D.One is a cost-effective post-solder AOI solution that delivers excellent results for improving the product quality and boosting productivity. The D.One suite ensures superior accuracy with minimized false calls. Specialized image acquisition and process techniques provide full coverage and analysis of all visible component and solder joint defects including lifted leads, fine-pitch and j-Legs. The advanced optical head gives the highest performance in resolution, detection, and inspection speed utilizing 5 digital cameras. The new algorithms entirely based on artificial intelligence apply the most advanced neural network techniques to give the best outcome in the error qualification process. The upcoming developments will progressively enhance the usage of deep learning techniques to allow the system to be self-programmed and give nearly absolute results. Thanks to the four side cameras, D.One machine can capture images from different angles, giving more versatility and real 3D images. Our head lighting system allows to generate different lights from different prospects. This means highlight solder joints and, especially, prevent the reverberation with the aim to obtain the best result in terms of inspection. In addition, this lighting systems brings huge advantages in removing the classical shadowing effect.

Delvitech Technology allows to obtain different benefits. Firstly, D.One has a relevant storage capacity. The integrated library system allows to manage an important amount of data. This means avoid all the problems generated by a big quantity of pictures. Secondary, the library is completely customizable: the machine works using the information from a complete data set, but every client can add different elements on the library. In addition thanks to D.One Analysis and D.One Report, it is possible to use the repairing and programming data stored to generate reports. Both solutions are useful for internal use, to show the customers the quality of manufacturing process and to improve the yield of the line. D.One Core offers two different inspection methods: TBA (Threshold Based Analysis) and MLBA (Machine Learning Based Analysis). The advantage of having both is reflected in highest detection with lowest false calls.

Delvitech is a company that aims to create cutting-edge technology with the goal to have on the market a pioneering solution entirely based on Artificial Intelligence within the next few months. These upcoming developments will result in high-quality AOI technologies never seen on the market before.

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