Digital Transformation of the Automotive Retail Industry

Online Retail Moves into the Fast Lane with OEMs Providing Platforms to Book and Purchase Vehicles


LONDONSept. 6, 2019 – Digital transformation of the global automotive retail market is driving the need for customer-centric retail strategies and innovations along with omnichannel touchpoints to further refine the customer journey. Adopting disruptive new auto retail models and emerging digital KPIs by leveraging technology and data-driven approaches will be imperative for attracting new customers, enhancing customer experience, and improving customer retention.

In a new interactive webinar, “Digital Transformation of the Automotive Retail Industry:  What You Need to Know Now,” taking place on Thursday, 26 September 2019, at 09:00 EDT/14:00 BSTJulia Saini, Vice President, and Yeswant Abhimanyu, Principal Consultant, from Frost & Sullivan’s Mobility division, will discuss the innovative business models, growth opportunities, and insights on initiatives and trends across the automotive e-retail market globally.

Key benefits of attending this live briefing:
  • Gain insights on the key initiatives and pilots across the online automotive retail market in EuropeNorth America, and the rest of the world.
  • Understand how regional preferences shape plans to sell online – and the innovations that could benefit the audience.
  • Know how companies need to realign the organisation around the digital product, keeping the customer experience in the centre of all key metrics.
  • Learn about digital KPIs and new roles impacting automotive retail as organisations undergo digital transformation

“By 2020, over one million vehicles will have been sold online,” noted Saini. “At the current rate of adoption, online vehicle sales are expected to comprise 5% of global vehicle sales by 2025, with China as a leading market.”

With the emergence of new purchase models such as vehicle subscription and short-term leasing, increased customer-centricity in terms of offerings, services, activities, roles, and functions is expected to be the focus of OEMs and dealerships in the future.

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