Embedded Security – How MosChip is Revolutionizing the Industry

By Sandesh Dharme Gowda ,AVP Embedded Software, MosChip


MosChip Technologies, has been at the forefront of innovation in the field of embedded systems and security solutions. With a recent acquisition that has significantly enhanced its capabilities and offerings in the realm of embedded security, MosChip continues to strengthen its position in the market.

MosChip’s Expertise in Embedded Systems & Security

MosChip is a 2+ decade company that has delivered more than 600 tape outs for 100+ customers in Embedded Systems. It has long been recognized for its expertise in developing secure and robust embedded systems across various industries, including automotive, industrial automation, smart home, healthcare, and more. The company’s focus on security is rooted in its commitment to providing customers with reliable solutions that protect against vulnerabilities and threats in today’s interconnected world.

Advanced Security IPs

MosChip has collaborated with 2 major IP providers across the globe, CEVA and Secure-IC. The cutting-edge security intellectual properties (IPs) can bolster the security features of the embedded systems we provide for our clients. These IPs provide robust protection against various threats, including unauthorized access, tampering, data breaches, and reverse engineering. By integrating these advanced security IPs into the solutions, MosChip empowers its customers with secure and reliable embedded systems.

CEVA Partnership for Advanced Security Solutions

MosChip’s strategic partnership with CEVA, a leading provider of digital signal processing (DSP) and AI processors, has been instrumental in advancing our embedded security offerings. Through this collaboration, MosChip leverages CEVA’s state-of-the-art cryptographic algorithms and secure execution environments, ensuring strong encryption, authentication, and secure boot capabilities in the solutions. This partnership enables MosChip to address the stringent security requirements of industries such as IoT, automotive, and smart devices.

Collaboration with Secure-IC for Secure Hardware Implementations

Another key partnership that amplifies our embedded security capabilities is with Secure-IC, a global leader in embedded cybersecurity. Through this collaboration, MosChip integrates Secure-IC’s hardware security IPs and solutions, which include secure element integration, side-channel attack countermeasures, and secure key management. By leveraging Secure-IC’s expertise, MosChip enhances the resistance of their embedded systems against physical attacks, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive data.

Leveraging Enhanced Embedded Software Capabilities

The recent acquisition has expanded MosChip’s capabilities in embedded security, allowing the company to offer end-to-end solutions encompassing hardware and software security. With deep domain knowledge in areas such as real-time operating systems (RTOS), firmware development, Board Support Package, Device drivers, Protocol stacks and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, MosChip has strengthened its embedded software expertise. This integration enhances their ability to meet the unique requirements of each application, delivering comprehensive and robust security solutions.


MosChip Technologies has emerged as a front runner in the domain of embedded security, capitalizing on its enhanced capabilities and strategic partnerships. With a focus on innovation, collaboration, and customer-centricity, MosChip continues to drive advancements in embedded security. Through the integration of advanced security IPs and partnerships with industry leaders such as CEVA and Secure-IC, MosChip offers comprehensive and robust security solutions that address the evolving challenges and demands of the interconnected world.