Envision Digital Announced Convenient Charging for EVs

End-to-end, affordable solution solves private charging infrastructure gap and complements local government schemes to accelerate sustainable living and seven to 10 million EV take-ups by 2030


BERLIN and SINGAPORE, Aug. 14, 2020 – Envision Digital a global green tech and AIoT technology leader, today announced its latest innovation to bring simple and convenient charging for electric vehicles (EVs) into people’s homes and workplaces. By introducing Charging by EnOS, a smart, one-stop, and cost-effective home charging solution, Envision Digital is addressing significant and longstanding barriers to mainstream EV adoption: insufficient private charging points that fit into consumers’ existing lifestyles, uncertainty regarding the “green” nature of used electricity, difficulties in getting these charging points professionally installed, and a lack of visibility on overall costs. Charging by EnOS is now available in Germany and will subsequently be launched in other countries across the world.

This latest solution from Envision Digital complements the German government’s latest initiatives to alleviate EV refuelling concerns, boost consumer demand for EVs, and accelerate its goal of having seven to 10 million EVs registered in the country by 2030. In addition to new government-backed incentives that mean local EV buyers can now receive up to €9,000 in subsidies for the vehicle and additional regional funding for the implementation of charging infrastructure.

“Recent developments, driven by the government, are very positive and reinforce Germany’s international standing as one of the leading countries in supporting EVs to drive collective, sustainable living,” said Sylvie Ouziel, International President, Envision Digital.

“In parallel with important public charging infrastructure needs being addressed, Envision Digital focuses on private charging solutions. Unlike traditional combustion engine car drivers who must spend time going back and forth to gas stations for refills, EV drivers want seamless charging solutions that fit easily into their daily routines and while their cars lay idle, so they ‘charge where they park’ and not ‘park to charge’. With many drivers looking for the convenience of EV charging while they sleep, work and enjoy leisure activities, Charging by EnOS will bolster the number of charge points at our natural life destinations and help Germany far exceed the total of 70,000 charging points that experts cite as the requirement for supporting mass EV adoption,” added Ouziel.

Charging by EnOS is a one-stop solution for drivers to charge their EVs at the most convenient places – their homes and workplaces. It includes a home charger with up to 22 kilowatts (kW) of charging power, professional installation and maintenance and an electricity contract providing 100 percent green energy – with user control via a smartphone application. Compatible with EVs from all automotive manufacturers for new and used cars, Charging by EnOS delivers reliable and optimal charging for daily use, battery longevity, and minimised carbon dioxide (CO2) footprint.

The solution is powered by EnOS, Envision Digital’s AIoT software that connects one of the largest renewable energy communities worldwide, including thousands of energy producers and EVs. The solution also draws on deep, first-hand knowledge of EV battery technologies from Envision Automotive Energy Supply Corporation (AESC) – Envision Digital’s sister company. Envision AESC, a battery manufacturer, equips more than 500,000 EVs sold globally with zero critical battery incidents reported, including the Nissan LEAF zero emission car model.

By leveraging EV battery expertise and collective machine learning capabilities, Charging by EnOS continuously optimises its algorithms to improve the charging experience for both the driver and battery.

“The month of July saw the highest volume of requests for the German government’s purchase subsidies for an EV since June 2016. That said, what we are hearing from consumers is that they are still being held back by the complexity of assembling their own home charging solutions due to fragmented market offerings and hidden costs,” said Drazen Nikolic, Managing Director, Germany, Envision Digital.

“We are therefore actively addressing this need by launching a one-stop solution that is as simple to order and install as a smartphone, with transparent and fixed pricing to power each EV’s annual driving distance. This solution ensures that consumers no longer need to worry about putting multiple components and costs together and can instead concentrate on driving their electric cars – in a clean, carefree, sustainable, and understandable way,” added Nikolic.

“Charging by EnOS comes not just with a charger and a user-friendly smartphone application, but also home installation by a professional electrician at a pre-agreed price and an electricity pricing package with up to half the average annual distance travelled by a German driver already factored into the monthly fees. With Charging by EnOS, we ensure that all is included and transparent: zero surprises, zero surcharge and net zero carbon footprint. Charging by EnOS is beneficial for the planet, your budget, your family, and your car battery,” concluded Ouziel.

From Race Pitstops and Tracks to Homes and Highways

Charging by EnOS was soft launched in conjunction with Envision Virgin Racing’s participation in the ABB FIA Formula E Championship (“Formula E”) in Berlin – as the Formula E’s first carbon neutral certified team. This also follows Envision Digital’s recent expansion into Germany and nine new leadership hires as part of its accelerating global business momentum.

The overriding purpose of Envision Virgin Racing’s involvement with Formula E has been to accelerate the R&D associated with fast and efficient EVs and EV charging infrastructure, and leverage a well-followed entertainment platform to inspire businesses and people to take urgent action against climate change. Charging by EnOS is an example of Envision Digital solutions that are developed, tested, and proven to be viable and safe at pitstops and racetracks, and are now headed to homes and highways.

For more information please visit: https://www.envision-digital.de/