Frost & Sullivan Identifies Motivators of Growth in the Global Battery Energy Storage Market

Dramatic advances expected with increasing favorable market conditions


SANTA CLARA, CaliforniaMarch 22, 2019 – Frost & Sullivan invites you to join Energy team members Jonathan Robinson, program lead, and Utham Ganesh, research analyst, for the upcoming Frost Webinar, Growth Opportunities in the Global Battery Energy Storage Market. Attend the live event on Tuesday, March 26, 2019, at 9 AM ET to hear why manufacturers must educate customers and promote the benefits of installing battery energy storage systems, explore the latest business models, and learn about activities in the energy storage space and how companies must position themselves in this lucrative market.

Many battery manufacturers are incorporating energy intelligence into storage systems and unlocking multiple revenue opportunities by allowing customer-sited energy storage to participate in the local energy market. Solar paired with storage is increasingly becoming attractive due to the falling solar PV and battery prices with self-consumption becoming a significant driver toward decentralized energy. In addition, the growth of electric vehicles in critical global markets is also expected to spur the adoption of commercial battery storage because of its ability to stabilize the grid as well as generate an additional revenue stream. Partnerships across the value chain are necessary to fully realize the potential of multiple revenue-stacking opportunities as the energy market is rapidly changing with the evolution of numerous business models.

“Strong, viable business models and strategic partnerships with PV kit integrators/distributors are crucial for penetrating the battery storage market,” said Utham Ganesh, Research Analyst. “Companies must have a strong understanding of the local regulatory landscape and be able to identify the best incentives or tax credits available to end users.”

Key takeaways of the webcast include:

  • Gain insight into the trends in the residential and commercial battery storage segments
  • Explore the main motivations behind installing battery storage in regions and potential concerns
  • Identify the primary business models in battery energy storage and ways to reach the customer

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