Goldi Solar AI-powered manufacturing and advanced technology drive global expansion


In an exclusive interview with TimesTech, Capt. Ishver Dholakiya, Founder and Managing Director of Goldi Solar, discusses the company’s innovative use of AI and ML in manufacturing processes, along with the groundbreaking features of their solar panel technology and strategic plans for global expansion.

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TimesTech: How does Goldi Solar leverage AI and ML technologies in its manufacturing processes, contributing to the company’s success?

Capt. Ishver: At the heart of Goldi Solar’s manufacturing excellence is its state-of-the-art robotic production line. This line is equipped with AI-driven algorithms that ensure maximum efficiency and precision. The use of the most advanced robotic production line and automated stringers minimizes error and enhances consistency, thereby elevating the overall quality of the solar panels produced. The robotic production line also helps identify potential defects or inconsistencies. By leveraging these analytics, Goldi Solar addresses issues, ensuring that each solar panel meets the highest quality standards.

TimesTech: Can you highlight key features of Goldi Solar’s groundbreaking solar panel technology and its significance in the competitive solar energy market?

Capt. Ishver: Goldi Solar recently introduced high-efficiency solar panels with TOPCon technology. The latest addition to the HELOC Plus series comes with a 132-cell Module, N-Type TOPCon Technology, achieving an output up to 705 Wp. These panels redefine solar efficiency with a module conversion efficiency of up to 22.70%. They deliver exceptional cost-effectiveness, reducing LCOE and BOS costs while ensuring faster payback. Notably, these panels offer more than a 10–30% additional power gain compared to regular modules, even excelling in weak illumination conditions like cloudy or foggy days. Their versatility makes them suitable for various applications, from BIPV to vertical installations and even challenging environments like snowfields and high-humidity areas.

These modules mark a significant technological advancement for Goldi Solar and strategically position us in the market to meet growing demand. Representing a superior iteration of our existing HELOC Plus series, they achieve an impressive 22.70% efficiency level. This latest product aligns seamlessly with our strategic vision for growth in the renewable sector, addressing market demands effectively.

TimesTech: How do Goldi Solar’s major certifications impact the company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction?

Capt. Ishver: Goldi Solar rigorously assesses each panel at its production sites, conducting thorough tests to gauge its effectiveness and power output across various geographic locations, with a specific focus on challenging weather conditions. The implementation of the Multiple Times EL Test ensures flawless modules, while our stringent quality control involves more than 60 inspection points.

To bolster module resilience and efficiency, Goldi Solar opts for PET encapsulant instead of PVC, utilizing solely top-tier raw materials. Our dedication to innovation and advancement is showcased through our specialized R&D lab, furnished with cutting-edge facilities.

With over 95% of our deployed modules surpassing anticipated performance levels among a total of over 3.5 million units, Goldi Solar’s modules have garnered an “Exceptional” rating from 92.5% of our contented clientele.

TimesTech: With operations in 20+ countries and recent collaborations, such as the MoU with Desert Technologies, how does Goldi Solar plan to expand its global presence?

Capt. Ishver: Goldi Solar has set forth an ambitious plan to invest over INR 5,000 crore to expand its module manufacturing capacity to 6 GW by 2025. Currently boasting a capacity of 3 GW, addressing the surging demand for solar modules in the market.

Furthermore, the company is expanding its reach by exploring new geographic locations, reaching additional pin codes, and enhancing engagement with end-consumers through our rapidly expanding channel business. Together, we are advancing renewable energy opportunities on a global scale, encompassing India and Saudi Arabia, in alignment with the clean energy goals of the G20.

TimesTech: What role does the entry into the inverter segment play in Goldi Solar’s position as a holistic solar solutions provider, and what unique features do VAMA inverters bring to the market?

Capt. Ishver: The future of the Indian solar inverter market holds immense promise, driven by government support and mounting environmental concerns. As the masses prioritize sustainable solutions, Goldi Solar is poised to meet rising demand with high-efficiency On-grid Smart String inverters suitable for small-scale applications. With the launched of VAMA inverters, we continue to contribute towards the transition to a low-carbon economy, driving sustainable development and the adoption of clean energy in India.

VAMA On-grid Inverters feature advanced DSP Control Technology, ensuring higher efficiency of up to 98.6%. Emphasizing product safety and reliability, these inverters employ a transformer-less design and comprehensive software and hardware protections. The range is equipped with a smart liquid-crystal display, while Wi-Fi/GPRS enables real-time remote monitoring and performance tracking of PV modules. With an IP65 protection level, these inverters ensure durability and longevity, even in challenging environmental conditions. Additionally, a standard seven-year warranty covers manufacturing defects for this range.

TimesTech: Could you outline Goldi Solar’s strategies to achieve its ambitious manufacturing targets by 2025?

Capt. Ishver: We are on track to invest Rs 5,000 crore by 2026 for establishing a module manufacturing of 6000 MW and cell manufacturing of 5000 MW. We are eyeing an aggressive order book of over Rs 5,000 crore in the 2023-24 fiscal year. We are firmly on track to achieve that, as demand for its products drives growth for the company. Our strategic approach combines a focus on sustainable practices, broadening our product range through auxiliary production and expanding our global footprint. This strategy positions us as a leading player in renewable energy and facilitates collaborations with industry leaders worldwide, reducing dependence on the Indian market.