GreenPowerMonitor & Raptor Unlocks Analytical Category for Solar


In order to enable a new domain of data and insights for managing solar assets, Raptor Maps supplier of solar lifecycle management software, has partnered with the top renewable monitoring provider GreenPowerMonitor. Raptor Maps and GreenPowerMonitor will be integrated on a portfolio under the management of EV Solar, a top full-service engineering, EPC.

With this first-of-its kind offering, Raptor Maps and GreenPowerMonitor are able to localize inverter, combiner, and pyranometer data to the correct geospatial position on a solar farm, making it accessible via a digital twin. Asset owners and operators will have immediate assessments into how the physical conditions of modules impact power production, all ready for analysis alongside maintenance and inspection data.

“We’re pleased to be bringing together two critical data sources that we use to run our assets and we look forward to doing more with GreenPowerMonitor and Raptor Maps,” says Manuel Folgado, the CEO of EV Solar.

The announcement comes amidst a global push to scale the solar industry, with the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act earmarking $370 billion for renewable energy in the United States and REPowerEU setting concrete measures for transitioning Europe away from fossil fuel sources. O&M teams are increasingly seeking tech-forward solutions for maximizing performance.

“We are proud of our customer-centric approach,” explains Juan Carlos Arévalo, CEO and cofounder of GreenPowerMonitor, a DNV company. “EV Solar is a forward-looking organization that is scaling quickly, and we are partnering with Raptor Maps to enable this solution for them and the other 60GW of solar and wind customers in our portfolio.”

“The integration of sensor data in the GreenPowerMonitor platform with inspection analytics in the Raptor Maps platform creates tighter correlation between maintenance and performance,” notes Raptor Maps CEO and cofounder Nikhil Vadhavkar, adding that aerial inspection data for 40 EV Solar sites are stored within the Raptor Solar platform. “By incorporating and learning from this data, EV Solar is showing us what the future of solar asset management will look like.”