Indian Health-Tech Startups Making Their Mark Like Never Before

by: Mudit Dandwate, Co-founder, Dozee

Indian Health-tech startups

Advances in health and technology benefit us in more ways than one. Given the current pandemic all the major industries have moved home – food, entertainment, commerce; it’s time healthcare also moves home to provide convenience and access to billions. It is the only way to make healthcare available to the masses without much capital investment and immediate scaling potential. With telemedicine and technology innovation on remote health monitoring, healthcare can be provided affordably, immediately and at the time of need.

Mudit Dandwate, Co-founder, Dozee

Generally, business leaders consider AI as the leading driving force for digital transformation. AI is getting everywhere rapidly. As per the latest research, the revenue of the AI industry will increase by billions of dollars in upcoming years and is a revolutionary change in the medical sector too. Introduction of AI and IoT devices have not only made it easier for us to track our health reports but it has also made it convenient for specialists around the world to provide medical aid to and from any part of the world without having to visit a medical institution/hospital. They are making the following things easier and available making it convenient for people to monitor their health.

Convenient patient care and accessible help

Adding tele-medicine services makes it easier for doctors and patients to connect with each other directly over devices without actually having to make a visit to the clinic/hospital. It is a great way to keep an eye on their health, both physical and emotional. It also makes it easier for the doctor and nurses to keep a track on their patient’s health despite coming in contact with them reducing their risk to catch viruses/diseases. For example, if you or a loved one is fighting the corona virus which as we know is very deadly and has risked the doctors’ lives also. Introduction and use of devices has only aided in taking some stress off the doctors and their families.

Regular guidance and personalized solutions

These IoT/AI devices monitor your health daily and provide reports based on any changes in your heart rate, breathing rate, sleeping schedule, blood pressure, etc, and send it to you and your healthcare provider.  It can be monitored right from the comfort of your home. Thus making it easier to check up and provide solutions according to the variations in your health conditions. Solutions include either change of medicinal doses, change in diet plans, etc. Hence, these devices give you a personalized solution according to your current health situations.

Helps make amends

Someone has rightly said, “Prevention is better than cure” and health monitoring helps you with that exactly. It makes it easier for you to pay attention to existing health issues that may have developed over time. These health issues are more likely to be a result of your unhealthy lifestyle, uneven sleeping schedules etc. Certain monitoring devices not only help you track and provide reports but also have some non-medicinal solutions, like yoga or guided meditation. This can help your body relax and rejuvenate and also promote good sleep. All of which adds up to improved physical, mental and emotional health.

Share data with your trainer, dietician

Tracking your sleep and other data makes it easier for these devices to provide you with a report and tell you what you are lacking or what you need to work on, for yourself and by yourself. For example if you lack deep sleep, your trainer will get to know about it and he/she can help you with a rigorous exercise routine which later makes falling into deep sleep easier. Similarly, your dietician/nutritionist can draft your diet accordingly. Thus, these health-tech startups are not only reaching new heights of advancement due to technology and research but also help improve lifestyle which in turn improves the lifespan of an individual. Health care is always the best investment you can make for yourself. Invest in a AI/IoT device today and regularly monitor your health while you binge watch your favourite series on your couch or when you have a goodnight’s sleep.

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