Infineon is one of the most sustainable companies globally


Infineon Technologies has  once again been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index, as announced by  S&P Global last Friday in New York, USA. 

“We are proud that Infineon has been chosen as one of the world’s most sustainable  companies for the 14th consecutive year“, said Elke Reichart, Member of the Board and  Chief Digital Transformation Officer, responsible for Sustainability at Infineon. “Moreover,  we feel strongly encouraged to keep up our efforts at making further progress towards our  ambitious sustainability goals. Therefore, we are continuously developing our processes  and drive innovation within the company and beyond. The green and the digital  transformation go hand in hand.” 

Infineon is well on track with the implementation of its CO2-neutrality goal by 2030 (Scope 1  and 2). To date emissions have been reduced by 56.8 percent compared with the base year  of 2019 while approximately doubling the business at the same time. 

As a leading manufacturer of semiconductors for power electronic systems and the IoT,  Infineon makes a significant contribution to decarbonization on the way to a net-zero  society. Infineon’s products and solutions help to save 34 times more CO2 emissions over  the course of their usage than were created during their production.  

This year, Infineon scored especially well in Privacy Protection and Innovation Management that includes aspects like Research & Development, Product Innovation and also Process  Innovation, for instance through digitalization and the application of Industry 4.0 principles.  

The Dow Jones Sustainability Index is regarded as one of the most important benchmarks  for sustainability and lists the world’s leading companies from 61 industries. The  assessment is based on the companies’ economic, environmental and social performance.  Its objective is to help investors make informed decisions on how to align their portfolios  more clearly with sustainability aspects, and to encourage companies to actively continue  their efforts in this regard.