Innovative Design Makes BOXER-8256AI a Powerful Solution

With real-time stream filtering, a unique I/O, and world class edge AI capabilities, the BOXER-8256AI offers cross-market excellence.


Taipei, Taiwan– AAEON, a leader in edge AI solutions, has announced the BOXER-8256AI. The BOXER-8256AI is AAEON’s newest NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX embedded BOX PC, designed for smart healthcare equipment, digital signage, and entertainment. A sophisticated, practical design featuring four HDMI input ports allows you to facilitate real-time stream filtering. The Jetson Xavier NX’s powerful performance enables you to run multiple AI algorithms and analyze live video streaming with speed and precision.

Utilizing the Jetson Xavier NX’s Volta GPU architecture, the BOXER-8256AI offers customers 384 NVIDIA CUDA and 48 Tensor Cores for a peak AI performance of 21 TOPS. Its I/O, containing four HDMI input ports to support two 4K@30fps and two 1080P@60fps video stream inputs can take advantage of this inferencing power to run multiple AI algorithms and provide users with live video streaming analysis.

AAEON believes that this winning combination will have a tremendous impact across a number of markets, enabling smart health applications such as real-time, AI-assisted diagnostic imaging solutions, in addition to enhanced public safety and even uses within the entertainment industry.

Characteristic of AAEON’s edge AI systems, the BOXER-8256AI is designed to provide superior performance in a variety of environments, as shown by its wide range power input of 12~24Vdc, along with 4G, 5G, and Wi-Fi support via M.2 expansion ports, maximizing connectivity from the edge.

For more information regarding the BOXER-8256AI, please visit its product page, or contact an AAEON sales representative directly.

About AAEON:

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