ISGF announces the 7th edition of India Smart Utility Week 2021


ISUW 2021 conference will have sessions on varied themes such as Innovation in Utilities during the Pandemic; Regulatory Support in Different Countries for Revival of Utilities;  Cyber Security for Digital Utilities; Energy Storage Systems – Business Models and Regulations; Disaster (and Pandemic) Resilient Utilities; Smart Meter Rollout in India; Smart City Gas Distribution including Green Hydrogen; Disruptive Technologies and Innovations for Utilities; Grid Integrated Vehicles (GIV) and Standards for GIVs. Special Plenary sessions discuss on topics such as Electricity (Right of Consumer) Rules Act 2020 – Measures Utilities Should Do; and New Revenue Opportunities for Utilities. Roundtable discussions will be conducted on topics such as Electric Cooking; Interconnection of Regional Grids in Asia; Blockchain Applications in Energy Sector; and Urban Air Mobility Systems (UAM). Exclusive Workshop on Live Line Maintenance in Utilities will also be organised during the event. Emerging Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics, Blockchain, Augmented Reality, Drones and Robotic Process Automation for various applications in Utilities will be discussed as part of Disruptive Technologies and Innovation for Utilities Session.

5th Edition of ISGF Innovation Awards will be organised as part of ISUW 2021. ISGF Innovation Awards instituted in 2017 are aimed to recognize and to celebrate organizations (utilities and technology companies), projects, products and personalities that have set new benchmarks in Electricity, Gas and Water Sectors. ISGF has selected and recognized more than 150 such organizations/individuals so far through these awards. The 5th Edition of ISGF Innovation Awards 2021 will be conferred to the Winners on 05 March 2021. India Smart Grid Forum (ISGF) invites public and private utilities, urban local bodies, technology companies, start-ups, researchers and academia to submit their nominations at

Background of India Smart Utility Week Conference and Exhibition

ISGF has been organising India Smart Utility Week (ISUW) since 2015 and it is considered as one of the top five international events on Smart Grids and Smart Cities. With launching of 100 smart city projects by the Government of India, water and city gas distribution utilities will also need to equip themselves with latest technologies for improved operational efficiency and successful integration into the smart city systems. However, lack of effective policy and regulations both at the central and state level along with inadequate safety guidelines, standards, business models act as barriers for its growth. All the previous editions of ISUW (formerly known as India Smart Grid Week – ISGW) were huge success that attracted the attention and participation of distinguished expert from more than 50 countries every year which included Regulators, Policy Makers, Government Officials, Technology Companies and Think Tanks from most of the Developed Nations. Last edition, ISUW 2020 was an astounding success, attended by over 1570+ delegates and 269 speakers from 23 countries despite the onset of pandemic.