Matrix Introduce ETERNITY NENX Powerful Phone System


11 May, 2019 – Matrix ETERNITY NENX is a small yet powerful phone system for small businesses, offering advanced features and functionalities as available with enterprise grade IP-PBXs. Based on modular architecture and state-of-the-art design, ETERNITY NENX provides connectivity to CO (FXO), GSM/3G and VOIP networks from a single platform. Range of phone options such as Analog, IP and Mobile extensions provides flexibility to communicate from anywhere and at any time. Furthermore, ETERNITY NENX offers integrated voicemail system, multiple auto-attendants and web based remote management.

Built-in Resources:

  • 50 IP Users
  • 8 VOIP Trunks
  • 8 IP to TDM Calls
  • 25 IP to IP Calls
  • 6 Party Conferencing
  • 8 Video Calls
  • 4 Voice Mail Channels (Optional)
  • 2 GSM/3G Ports (Optional)

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