Molex Introduces Woodhead Watertite Extreme Wiring Devices for Harsh, Wet Environments

With the adoption of Advanced Vulcanized Silicone Rubber, the wiring device becomes the first and only to receive FDA approval.

Molex Woodhead Watertite

LISLE, IL – Nov 29, 2018 : Molex is introducing a new line of IP69K-rated, wet-location wiring devices designed to deliver optimal worker safety and performance in the most demanding harsh-duty environments.

The Woodhead Watertite Extreme Wiring Device excels in wet and harsh plant floor conditions that include extreme temperature and wash-down applications. A provider of Watertite products for more than 90 years, Woodhead has expanded its unique position of a rubber offering to include IP69K ratings, advanced material designs and improved performance to match the specific application needs of a wide-ranging customer base. The Watertite Extreme family will be comprised of two product lines—the 14W47, which will retain its original part number and feature FDA-approved Vulcanized Silicone Rubber, and the 14W47-P petrochemical-grade version with Oil-Resistant Vulcanized Rubber.

“Woodhead has a rich history as a market leader when it comes to quality, and we’ve only improved upon that with the launch of our latest Watertite Wiring Devices,” said Tony Quebbemann, global product manager, Molex. “The Woodhead Watertite Extreme Wiring Devices have been re-engineered to deliver extreme performance under extreme conditions and truly set themselves apart as the industry standard for use in the roughest, wettest and most abrasive environments.”

Food processing environments require high-performance solutions that keep workers safe and production lines running. The new Woodhead Watertite Extreme Wiring Solution is the only wiring device made from FDA-approved material, making it a game-changer for harsh, wet environments. Featuring a new Advanced Vulcanized Silicone Rubber husk, the Watertite Extreme Wiring Device repels and inhibits bacterial growth and is ideal for any indoor or outdoor wet location. Additional features include:

  • A new patented Cable Glove Seal ensures seamless connection to the cord set with no opportunity for ingress, providing an extra element of protection
  • Wide-ranging regulatory compliance, including FDA approved, NSF certified, UL Listed, CSA Certified, and UV Stable
  • Superior sealing properties maintain flexibility and sealing qualities in extreme temperatures, demonstrated by IP67, IP69K, NEMA 4X and NEMA 6P ratings

Uptime is crucial in the highly competitive oil and gas industry, and hazardous conditions can put workers’ safety at risk and impede production. Engineered from Advanced Vulcanized Rubber, the Woodhead Watertite Wiring Device provides the petrochemical industry with ultimate resistance to impact, heat, weather and chemicals such as diesel fuel and other corrosive oils. Additional features include:

  • Oil-Resistant Vulcanized Rubber provides exceptional durability and consistently outperforms other wiring device jacket materials used in the market
  • Superior sealing properties maintain flexibility and sealing qualities in extreme temperatures, demonstrated by IP67, IP69K, NEMA 4X and NEMA 6P ratings

Standard features include a three-piece cord grip, color-coded terminal screws, floating blade construction, rubber grommet, compression ring and a multiple seal plug/connector interface to keep out contaminants and resist vapor and water up to 2000psi washdown. Additional applications include any environment with extreme conditions such as construction sites, outdoor concerts, amusement parks and disaster relief.

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