Mouser Electronics Signs Global Distribution Agreement with XinaBox to Stock xChip Electronic Modules


January 17, 2019 – Mouser Electronics, announces a global distribution agreement with XinaBox Limited, producers of modular electronics for developing, making products, and learning. Through the agreement, Mouser is now stocking XinaBox’s xChip modular hardware solutions.

XinaBox produces a comprehensive range of modular xChips, including cores, sensors, power, communication, output, control and storage devices. XinaBox enables engineers to build devices in minutes, and prototype rapidly, without soldering, breadboarding or deep hardware knowledge. Engineers can use xChips in almost any coding environments, and reuse them in multiple projects, to achieve a low total cost of ownership.

XinaBox Core xChips each feature a programmable microcontroller, designed to be the center of a XinaBox-based project. All of the Core xChips are compatible with the Arduino integrated development environment (IDE), simplifying the design process. Output xChips deliver a specific output, such as an OLED display, light, low or high voltage load, or a pulse width modulation (PWM) signal to drive servo motors. Sensor xChips return an input to an XinaBox project or application. Sensor options include capacitive touch, gesture, ultraviolet UV light, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and eCO2, ambient light, infrared (IR) temperature, and advanced weather measurement. Engineers can connect the xChips together using standard card edge connectors, also available from Mouser.

The xChip ecosystem, now available from Mouser Electronics, is supported by Zerynth, a complete set of high-quality development tools to program microcontrollers and develop Internet of Things (IoT) solutions using the Python programming language. Zerynth simplifies IoT development by providing an easy and efficient way to program the most popular 32-bit microcontrollers and connect them to the top cloud infrastructures, with high-level standards of security.

xChips are also compatible with all of the most popular single board computers (SBCs), allowing users to extend functionality without changing platform. To use the xChip ecosystem, engineers connect the modular xChip boards to a SBC of their choice through a Bridge xChip.

Mouser is also stocking XinaBox xChip Kits — bundled sets of xChip modules designed to fast track engineers’ XinaBox experience. Each xChip Kit includes everything needed to create a variety of projects, including a Core or Bridge xChip, Sensor xChips, Output xChips, xBus Connectors, and more. Engineers can easily add more xChips for even more functionality.

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