nasscom statement on US-India press statement


The affirmation from President Biden and Prime Minister Modi regarding the significant role of technology in strengthening partnership between both the nations is reflective of the vital role that technology has been playing and will continue to play in bringing about a transformation to the way the world operates.

nasscom appreciates and commends this fostering of an open, accessible, and secure technology ecosystem built on mutual confidence and trust. This collaboration not only shapes a world that is open, prosperous, secure, and resilient but also paves the way for India to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape, driving innovation and transforming industries. Together, we are embarking on a journey to make this decade a remarkable era of technology-led advancement.

Mutually beneficial policy formulation and intervention, and adapting regulations that encourage technology sharing, co-development, and co-production opportunities among industry, government, and academic institutions must for the foundation of this collaboration across defence, clean energy, telecommunications, emerging technologies like AI, quantum technologies, cybersecurity, sustainability, biotechnology, space technologies, and semiconductors.

Specifically on AI, both the countries will work responsible AI, aiming to advance AI education, foster commercial opportunities, and address concerns related to discrimination and bias. nasscom has been working closely with the entire ecosystem to leverage and propel AI-led technological advancements, driving innovation and growth across sectors.

The partnership between the US and India focuses on fostering open and inclusive digital economies through the development and deployment of DPIs in developing countries, leveraging India’s successful implementation. This collaboration provides India with the opportunity to solidify its position as a global digital innovation hub, setting an exemplary model for other nations to follow.

The US acknowledges and values the Indian tech industry’s contributions to STEM education, community development, and upskilling the American workforce. Both the countries support the Innovation Handshake initiative to connect startup ecosystems, address regulatory obstacles, and drive innovation and job creation. Efforts will also be made to streamline visa procedures, enabling visa revalidation within the US to enhance mobility and alleviate the strain on consulates, ensuring a smoother and more efficient visa experience. These announcements represent the White House’s recognition of the importance of cross border workers and increased efforts to streamline the flow of talent.

India’s technological landscape has undergone a remarkable transformation, positioning itself as a prominent hub for innovation and talent in emerging technologies. With its abundance of highly skilled professionals, thriving startup ecosystem, and forward-looking mindset, India has become a frontrunner in AI advancements. nasscom’s extensive guidelines on responsible use of generative AI exemplify India’s commitment to promoting ethical and responsible practices in the field of AI, setting a global benchmark while continuing to drive innovation.