New Yorker Electronics Introduces DC Link Capacitor Modules for Large Inverter Systems

New Cornell Dubilier MDL DC Link Capacitor Modules apply Advanced Technology for Long Life and High Reliability


January 10, 2019 – New Yorker Electronics has announced it will be distributing the new Cornell Dubilier series of DC link polypropylene film capacitor modules for high-power inverter applications. The MDL series uses the most advanced metallized film technology for long life and high reliability in DC Link applications. It offers capacitance values ranging from 600µF to 4,200µF, with applied voltages of 900Vdc to 1,300Vdc.

The MDL is based on CDE’s well proven DC Link film technology utilizing low-loss, high-grade polypropylene dielectric. Featuring current ratings up to 400Arms these modules are well suited for today’s high-power inverters used in commercial and utility-scale wind, solar and fuel cell systems. Other applications include UPS, switching power supplies and large motor drives.

Designed as an alternative to banks of cylindrical bus-mounted capacitors, these high-current modules have higher energy density and simplify bus connections by reducing the number of terminations. By using a single DC Link capacitor in a compact rectangular package, smaller inverter topologies are possible. The use of one capacitor versus several parallel-banked capacitors typically results in enhanced system reliability with lower assembly costs. The MDL series also features long life, meeting a 5,000-hour life test at rated voltage, with a core temperature of 85°C. This translates to a life of 200,000 hours when operated at a 60°C ambient at full rated voltage and ripple current.

Cornell Dubilier MDL DC-Link Film Capacitor

The series consists of 12 values in four case sizes, is RoHS compliant, and meets IEC 61071 and UL94V-0. Each unit passes through CDE’s industry-leading 100% burn-in testing.

New Yorker Electronics is a franchise distributor for Cornell Dubilier carrying the full line of High Capacitance Modules as well as Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, AC Oil Filled Capacitors, DC Oil Filled Capacitors, Film Capacitors, MICA Capacitors, Ultracapacitors, Surface Mount Capacitors, Aluminum Polymer Capacitors, Supercapacitors, plus Capacitor Hardware and Capacitor Kits.

Features & Benefits:

  • Capacitance Range – 600 to 4200 μF
  • Rated Voltage – 900 to 1300 Vdc
  • Operating Temperature Range is -25°C to 70°C (ambient)
  • Life Test – 5000h @ 85°C core, rated voltage
  • Life Expectancy – 200,000 h @ 60 °C core, rated voltage
  • Reliability – 300 FIT typical
  • Standards – IEC 61071
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Case Material – Aluminum


  • High-Power Inverters
  • Commercial & Utility-Scale Wind, Solar and Fuel Cell Systems
  • UPS
  • Switching Power Supplies
  • Large Motor Drives

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