Process Mining & RPA: Key Elements for a Digital Transformation in 2021

By Rebecca Sampson


As organizations pivot to business continuity and contingency plans in response to the global health crisis, having an efficient and clear understanding of your business processes are now more critical than ever. Meanwhile, process mining and RPA technologies are emerging elements of digital transformation establishment efforts worldwide.

It is no secret that RPA adoption has been growing exponentially in the last few years. According to IBM, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated daily which cannot be processed manually. With the added value of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) becoming clearer, many organizations entered into the area of RPA.

This expanding focus on RPA brings up questions about Process Mining because organizations are taking the next steps towards hyper automation by complementing RPA with Process Mining.

Understanding the Value of Process Mining and RPA

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Process Mining complement each other to create a comprehensive approach to amplify the efficiency and effectiveness of work automation. They can help organizations reduce costs, lower risks of errors, improve employee morale, and boost customer satisfaction.

UiPath goes on to state officially that “In the upcoming three to five years, RPA and AI will become a commodity productivity tool, similar to the way one uses Excel and PowerPoint.” With the help of process mining, organizations can target opportunities for business process automation and then prioritize those accordingly, based on the most significant ROI potential. With this technology in place, enterprises can work towards applying RPA solutions to tech as well as human-driven business processes.

Certainly, it makes sense now that why 23% of organizations world-wide have already started implementing process mining tools while another 29% was in the process of evaluation.

Many process mining tools can be easily integrated with the current business applications that organizations are using. This means that they can fit into the IT infrastructure such as CRMs, ERPs, legacy systems, etc., and let you know which processes are correctly done and alert you for the ones that need attention.

While process mining as a technology is pretty new to many organizations, it is fast evolving with growing functionalities to cater to organizations with scaling automation footprints. Process mining and RPA are a cost-effective and sustainable initiative wherein the performance of processes can be monitored and analyzed on an ongoing basis even after the improvements and automation has been implemented. 

Process Mining Benefits 

Process mining’s powerful algorithms and advanced data transformation makes optimizing mundane processes fast, data-driven, and complete. Obvious benefits listed are:

  • Analyzing processes that are accurately based on facts
  • Zero in on bottlenecks, deviations and inefficient processes
  • Continuously monitor processes and measure improvements
  • Simplify compliance, with full audit trails
  • Not industry specific
  • Analyze the processes of any functional area

Process Mining and Hyper automation

Hyper automation is another aspect that brings together multiple components of process automation by integrating tools and technologies that amplify the ability to automate work. While hyper automation starts with RPA at its core, the expansion of the automation capability will happen only by pairing it with complementary solutions like process mining, AI, and other advanced tools. 

CIGNEX – Automation Expertise Delivered

It is obvious that before investing in any technology, one needs to carefully scrutinize and analyze the processes in order to guarantee the best possible ROI. The investment decisions should be likely based on the size and structure of your organization, the potential for automation and finally how ambitious the RPA roadmap looks.

Though process mining certainly brings manifold benefits, At CIGNEX we don’t believe it’s a mandate to invest in a process mining tool before testing the RPA technology. 

CIGNEX takes a holistic approach to robotic process automation, with a focus on leveraging technology to create better user experiences and generate business value. Our experienced digital transformation team is proficient in all aspects of RPA implementation, from opportunity assessment through implementing and scaling your Center of Excellence (CoE). We have partnerships with top robotic process automation vendors, which enable us to select and implement the right tool for your organizational needs.