Reboot of LDRA CMP for Start-ups and MSMEs’ in Embedded Safety & Security Critical Industries

The LDRA Certification Mentoring Program (LCMP) guides start-ups and MSMEs in the implementation of safety and security standards to develop world-class products for global markets


Bengaluru, 24 September 2020– LDRA, announces the reinitialization of the LDRA Certification Mentoring Program (LCMP), a unique initiative catering for start-ups and MSMEs in the India and South East Asia region. Originally launched two years ago, LCMP is a part of the LDRA Certification Ecosystem Development Program (CEDP), a broader industry initiative designed to create a dynamic industrial ecosystem by skill-building across all stakeholders.

With a decade of operational experience in India and a prominent presence across the embedded software sectors, LDRA is looking to support start-ups and MSMEs in the creation of world-class safe and secure products for industries including aerospace and defence, automotive, medical, industrial, energy, semiconductor, rail transportation and communications.

“An all-inclusive package benefitting from our in-depth knowledge on industry practices and standards, long-term industry experience and well-established pedigree is going to support the survival and growth of any new enterprise in this dynamic ecosystem,” observed Ian Hennell, Operations Director, LDRA. “The annual growth rate for the number of new start-ups in India is about 15%, and many of these fledgling organizations have disruptive ideas capable of leading our industry in new directions. We aim to support the whole ecosystem with LCMP, becoming a part of each exciting start-up journey.”

LCMP offers all the necessary tools, services and support as a comprehensive, exclusive, and affordable package to help budding enterprises to access the global market by developing world-class technology products. The program includes mentoring and consultation services, a skill-building training curriculum, affordable testing tools and exclusive industry-connect programs.

“Our primary goal for LCMP is to address the missing component in the start-up product development ecosystem. Stringent regulatory requirements drive the safety- and security-critical industries, and delays associated with product certification can have a major impact on the time to market, profitability and viability of a new venture,” said Shinto Joseph, Director – South East Asia Operations, LDRA. “Through our mentoring program, we aim to become engaged with the start-ups and MSMEs at a very early stage of product development. We look to nurture their capabilities through our expert guidance and support, helping them to build products that comply with local and international certification requirements”, he concluded.

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