Rochester Providing Relief During Analog, Mixed Signal, and Discrete Shortages


Analog – Mixed Signal and Discrete devices are some of the most broadly used components in electronic designs. As the market adjusts to current conditions, the lead-time on many of these devices has extended well beyond their nominal values.

Rochester’s extensive inventory of Active and End-of-Life products are available to help alleviate lead-time challenges. Analysis indicates our stock of analog and mixed signal products contains over 500 million devices which are exhibiting greater than a 12-week lead-time. Our inventory supports many of our top suppliers and is 100% authorized and guaranteed.

Power management and power discrete devices make up much of this inventory and covers over 6,000-part numbers. It includes product types such as, switching and linear regulators, supervisors and battery management devices, voltage references, IGBT, MOSFET and Bipolar transistors.

Analog signal chain products account for another significant portion of the stock covering over 1,000-part numbers. This includes over 20 million amplifiers, 1.5 million data converters and a wide array of multiplexers, switches and sensor devices.