Rohde & Schwarz showcases its reliable EMC test solutions

At the EMC event EMV in Cologne, Rohde & Schwarz demonstrates a comprehensive range of EMC test and measurement solutions – ranging from standalone instruments and software to application-specific systems. As a highlight, the company unveils an important enhancement to the R&S ESW EMI test receiver, the new 1GHz bandwidth extension. The Rohde & Schwarz solutions are on display from July 12 to 14, 2022 at the Cologne exhibition center, hall 10.2, booth 112.


With product development always under pressure to deliver quickly, ensuring EMC compliance is key for R&D engineers. Every day spent debugging, isolating and correcting EMI problems increases the time to market. Rohde & Schwarz supports product developers with an exceptional range of EMC and field strength test equipment and software solutions based on its in-depth expertise. EMC test solutions from the market leader Rohde & Schwarz support all relevant commercial, automotive, military and aerospace standards including ETSI and FCC standards for radiated spurious emissions and audio breakthrough measurements. Moreover, the company’s extensive service portfolio makes Rohde & Schwarz the partner of choice. The following highlights are on display at the Rohde & Schwarz booth at EMV in Cologne.

EMI compliance testing

For reliable certification measurements in minimum test times, Rohde & Schwarz demonstrates its market-leading R&S ESW EMI test receiver with a brand-new 1 GHz bandwidth extension. Thanks to its high measurement speed and comprehensive diagnostic tools, the R&S ESW is the leading EMI test receiver for EMC certification in line with CISPR, EN, FCC and MIL standards as well as for automotive applications. In order to address the increasing demand for high speed testing, Rohde & Schwarz has extended the FFT bandwidth of the R&S ESW EMI test receiver to 970 MHz, making it possible to measure the complete frequency range of CISPR Bands C and D in one shot. Another solution to help minimize test times is the R&S ELEKTRA EMC test software, which simplifies configuring test systems and running test procedures in accordance with the EMC standards. It speeds up test execution and provides comprehensive and customizable test reports.

Robust, compact BCI test system for immunity measurements

Also on display is a robust, compact test system for conducted electromagnetic susceptibility measurements using the bulk current injection (BCI) test method, as prescribed for testing electronic modules in vehicles. The BCI system consists of the R&S SMC100A signal generator, the rugged R&S BBA150 broadband amplifier and integrated R&S NRPxxA/AN power sensors. The system is controlled by the R&S ELEKTRA test software, which controls complete EMC systems and automates the required measurements on the equipment under test to be certified for both emissions (EMI) and immunity (EMS). The new ultra-wideband solid-state broadband amplifier R&S BBA300 with a bandwidth of 380 MHz to 6 GHz and up to 300 W output power, as well as the 2 GHz to 20 GHz R&S SAM100 broadband amplifier can also be seen at EMV.

EMI pre-compliance and debug

In order to prevent unpleasant surprises during EMC compliance testing, the best way is to actively search for radio interference during the product development phase and adapt the design accordingly. As a genuine multipurpose instrument, the R&S FPL1000 spectrum analyzer is ideal for detecting radiated and conducted interference. When equipped with the EMI measurement application it provides powerful features required for reliable pre-compliance EMI measurements including EMI resolution bandwidths, EMI detectors, measurement automation and report generation. The R&S ELEKTRA EMC test software also supports the R&S FPL1000.

Further powerful tools for EMI debugging, which find a place on practically every product developer’s workbench, are oscilloscopes. The R&S RTO6 oscilloscope features high dynamic range and input sensitivity of 1 mV/div at full measurement bandwidth, making it possible to detect even weak emissions. Its powerful FFT capabilities are ideal for EMI analysis in the frequency domain thanks to their easy operation, high acquisition rate and manifold functions, such as color coding of the spectral display according to the frequency of occurrence. The zone trigger in the FFT is ideal for selecting specific frequencies to investigate sporadic emission frequencies.

Fully automatic visual inspection

Rohde & Schwarz presents the R&S AdVISE monitoring and analysis software for video based visual inspection of status displays, signal lights or screens. The software reports changes to the image reliably and automatically. It recognizes characters, symbols and numbers. Users can also enter threshold values for the event messages. R&S AdVISE is perfectly matched to R&S ELEKTRA, allowing users to analyze events in correlation with the associated frequencies, interference levels and, for example, antenna positions.