Surveillance Systems – The Ever-Evolving CCTV & Video Security Tech


Recently Delhi Police announced that it has scanned 163 CCTVs to identify and trace the accused of molesting a 22-year-old law student. The surveillance system has become more indispensable than ever before due to the increasing crime rate. Delhi witnessed a 15% increase in crime rate in 2021 compared to 2020 as per the data shared by Delhi Police. Modern surveillance systems equipped with technologies like Night Vision, Face Recognition, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are impeccable in identifying the accused. As per a study, Delhi has 1826 cameras installed per square mile. It has helped the Delhi police solve over 100 key cases in 2021 alone. 

Surveillance systems are continuously evolving. The engineers and manufacturers are integrating new technologies into the surveillance system. By all appearances, the security industry is in a stage of redefining itself. It is moving from mere basic security and safety protections to encompass a wider scope of activity that will expand safety while also bringing new levels of intelligence and sustainability to communities, companies and societies.

Talking about the new technological developments taking place in CCTV and video security solutions Ashish P. Dhakan, MD&CEO of Prama Hikvision India Pvt. Ltd. says, “The new technological developments that are happening in the domain of video security solutions, they are driven by transformative technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud Computing. The security industry has evolved to the next level, no doubt, continued to shift, adapt, and develop despite things. Several trends have even accelerated. Beyond traditional “physical security,” a host of frontiers like AI, Cloud Computing, IoT, and Cybersecurity are being rapidly pioneered by entities big and small in our industry.”


Artificial Intelligence has transformed CCTVs from mere devices to record video to a human eye that can observe behaviour, and movement and issue alerts according to the need. “More customers in the industry have recognized the value of AI, and have found new uses for AI applications in various scenarios in home security and other domains. Along with ANPR, automated event alerts, and false alarm reduction, AI technologies are being used for wider applications, like personal protective equipment (PPE) detection (Safety Helmet, Jacket, etc.), fall detection for the elderly, behavioral analysis and much more. Meanwhile, there is more collaboration across the industry, with security manufacturers opening their hardware products to third-party AI applications, and launching open platforms for customers to create and train their own AI algorithms to meet customized needs.”, says Ashish P. Dhakan. 

Importance of Data Processing Forms in Surveillance Systems

Data processing forms an important domain in the modern surveillance system. The need for decentralised data processing at a physical location and concerns for privacy are increasing the use of the Edge devices in the security system. Elaborating on the role of Edge devices in the surveillance system Ashish P. Dhakan says, “Edge devices are making radical changes in the security system in terms of hardware that controls data flow, transmission, routing, processing, monitoring, filtering, translation and storage. Cloud computing and the internet of things (IoT) have elevated the role of edge devices, ushering in the need for more intelligence, computing power and advanced services at the network edge.”

Wider Angle Reach in the Country

Until recently, the surveillance systems were limited to the urban areas of the country. Forecasting the growth of surveillance systems in rural areas Ashish P. Dhakan says, “CCTV and video surveillance systems are gaining popularity in the urban and rural areas as devices that are deterring crime and enhancing security. The first phase of exponential growth of the security industry was driven by the urban cluster of India and metro cities. The second phase of growth belongs to rural India. In this fast-growing rural belt across India, there will be a potential emerging security market. The Tier –II and Tier-III cities will be the key drivers for the Indian security market.”

Pandemic and Surveillance Industry

Pandemic has created many new normals. Some of it has become a challenge for the surveillance system and mask is one of them. “Specific situations require special and customized security solutions. Artificial Intelligence Technology and advanced video security cameras are equipped with capabilities to overcome not just the mask, but low light conditions induced by rain, fog and snow. AI-enabled video security cameras can detect the masked or unmasked person with equal ease. There are special AI security cameras and Face Recognition Terminal-based access control that helps in the detection of a person based on Facial recognition Technology aided by AI Algorithms. For old CCTV cameras masked persons may be a challenge, but with the help of the next-gen AI-enabled Video Security cameras it is easy to detect and deter the person for any breach or violation.”, explained Ashish P. Dhakan. 

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