Superbot 6.0 Revolutionizes AI-Powered Communication Across Industries


In an exclusive interview with TimesTech, Mr. Sarvagya Mishra, Co-founder & Director of Superbot, shares the remarkable journey of Superbot from its inception as an automated chat agent in education to evolving into an AI-powered voice agent catering to diverse industries. With a focus on adaptability, multilingual capabilities, and cutting-edge features in SuperBot 6.0, the platform has become instrumental in transforming communication dynamics for businesses across India.

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TimesTech: Can you share the journey of Superbot from its inception as an automated chat agent in education to becoming an AI-powered voice agent for various industries?

Mr. Sarvagya: The genesis of Superbot originated from the challenges my co-founder Ankit Ruia and I, Sarvagya Mishra, encountered while managing PinnacleWorks, our parent company, in the education sector. We observed significant delays in addressing student queries despite dedicated counselors, leading to missed opportunities and productivity limitations. To overcome this hurdle, we embarked on creating an automated chat agent that could grasp the sentiment behind customer queries and respond with human-like empathy. Initially tailored for the education sector, Superbot swiftly gained the trust of over 100 brands within a year, becoming their go-to solution for round-the-clock customer query management. However, a new challenge emerged – proactively engaging customers to boost ROI. This spurred the evolution of Superbot into an AI-Powered Conversation Agent, proficient in intelligent dialogues over Telephony Channels. Transitioning into a versatile SaaS-product, Superbot now caters to diverse industries, addressing various calling needs from conducting large-scale surveys to handling critical tasks like lead verification and payment reminders. It’s standout feature include serving as a 24×7 Incoming Helpline, guaranteeing zero wait time for user inquiries. This remarkably reduces Average Handling Time (AHT) and enhances Customer Satisfaction (CSAT). With the capability to manage over 1 million calls a day and support for 10+ languages, including ongoing efforts to include more, Superbot has become instrumental in facilitating seamless communication for business across India.

TimesTech: How does Superbot adapt its services to cater to diverse industries, and can you provide examples of successful implementations?

Mr. Sarvagya: Superbot is a highly versatile and customizable platform, designed to meet the unique communication needs of diverse industries. With in-house speech recognition modules, it boasts an exceptional accuracy rate of over 92%, particularly excelling in understanding local Indian dialects and pronunciations. Additionally, its user-friendly DIY platform empowers users and businesses to customize their conversational experiences, providing greater control and flexibility. In addition, Superbot’s capability to cater to over 100 use cases reinforce its unparalleled multiplicity, making it appealing to a wide range of businesses and industries. For instance, in the education sector, Superbot supports 24/7 admission helplines and real-time lead verification, saving up to 60% of counselors’ time. In e-commerce, it reduces cart abandonment rates and improves customer satisfaction through order confirmation and reminders. Healthcare industries benefit from appointment scheduling and 24/7 helpline services. Similarly, financial services leverage Superbot for payment reminders and lead verification.

TimesTech: How has Superbot’s multilingual capability been crucial in bridging communication gaps across different regions, and what challenges were faced in implementing this feature?

Mr. Sarvagya: India is a linguistically diverse country with numerous regional languages and dialects spoken across its vast expanse. Recognizing this diversity, Superbot’s multilingual capability has been crucial in bridging communication gaps across different regions. By offering support for languages such as Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, and more, Superbot ensures that businesses can effectively communicate with customers in their preferred language, irrespective of geographical location. However, implementing this feature posed several challenges, including the need for comprehensive language data sets to train the AI models effectively. Additionally, accommodating the linguistic nuances and dialectical variations within each language required meticulous fine-tuning of the speech recognition and natural language processing algorithms. Despite these hurdles, Superbot’s commitment to linguistic inclusivity has been paramount in facilitating effective communication and addressing the diverse needs of Indian businesses.

TimesTech: What are the key features and improvements introduced in Superbot’s version 6.0, and how does it enhance user experience?

Mr. Sarvagya: Superbot Version 6.0 introduces a host of advanced features and enhancements aimed at empowering businesses of all sizes and optimizing their operations. One standout feature is its real-time fulfilment capabilities and prompt responses, particularly beneficial for industries like Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) and Ecommerce. This update enables businesses to reduce Return to Origin (RTO) rates, minimize Cart Abandonment, increase Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), lower Average Handling Time (AHT), and establish a 24×7 helpline for addressing customer concerns. The helpline facilitates real-time call transfers, providing immediate assistance on delivery status, payment refunds, and general inquiries, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Superbot 6.0 also simplifies the process of creating personalized bots without requiring any coding skills. Users can effortlessly drag, connect, and customize their Superbot to deliver desired responses and voice tones within minutes. The updated user interface ensures a user-friendly experience, reducing the need for external support. In addition, the new version enhances the bot’s intelligence to better understand and reframe questions, ensuring clearer communication even with muffled voices or difficult-to-understand tones from users. Moreover, Superbot 6.0 now offers a cloud-based blended contact center, providing clients with a comprehensive ecosystem for handling calls all within one platform. This integrated solution simplifies communication management, offering convenience and efficiency to businesses.

TimesTech: What are the future plans for Superbot, especially in terms of expanding services or entering new markets?

Mr. Sarvagya: At Superbot, we are committed to continuously enhancing our platform’s capabilities to meet evolving communication needs and provide innovative solutions across various sectors. In terms of expanding service, we plan to introduce new features and functionalities that further improve the user experience and address specific pain points in different industries. For instance, we’re launching the AI-Powered Call Auditing feature, empowering our clients to understand caller intent and evaluate the quality of support provided by their agents. Simultaneously, we are exploring opportunities to enter new geographic markets and expand our presence internationally. This expansion will involve adapting our platform to local languages, regulations, and cultural preferences to ensure relevance and effectiveness in diverse regions.