Surfing the Information Superhighway: Internet AI Leading the Way

by Mr. Gurdeep Singh, Chairman, Jujhar Logistics


Since the launch of the internet in India in 1995, it has driven dramatic transformations in every strata of society. It has been a critical catalyst in accelerating the speed of information and providing entertainment, news, and education to more than a billion people living in the country. According to a report by Statista, there will be over 1.2 billion internet users in India in 2023, up from 93 million in 2010. This showcases the speed at which the internet has proliferated in India.

This swift growth can be attributed to several aspects, such as technological advancements, demand from consumers, and more. However, the most critical impact has been provided by the broadband service providers, who have been making waves in the market with their exceptional service and super-fast internet, resulting in more and more people and businesses becoming internet users. Let us explore how the internet is being transformed with cutting-edge technologies.

The Internet in India: Transforming the Business and Social Landscape 

India has always been progressive about adopting new approaches and changes, and the internet is not an exception. Prior to a splurge of smart devices in India, the internet remained limited to desktops and internet cafés. However, today it is available at the fingertips of users, thanks to technological breakthroughs and broadband service providers. As a result, it is transforming not only the societal but also the business landscape.

Today, consumers are able to order products online as e-commerce providers have been able to cater to their needs and provide goods and services to their doorsteps. In addition, thanks to the Digital India initiative by the government, most of the transactions are digital today. According to the Ministry of Electronics and IT, FY23 saw 9,192 crore digital transactions in India.

The internet has also connected society as a whole, thanks to the rapid emergence of social media and microblogging platforms. In addition, with the help of messaging applications, people can reach each other via video calls in high definition, which has blurred geographical boundaries. In terms of accessibility, the lightning-fast speed provided by broadband service providers has made sure people get uninterrupted entertainment at relatively low costs.

Overall, the significance of fast internet in today’s digital era cannot be overstated. It has considerably touched all the strata of society as well as businesses. Recently, the industry has experienced the blending of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), which is further enhancing the internet and its capabilities as a whole.

AI and the internet

Artificial intelligence (AI) has turned out to be one of the most transformational technologies of the modern era. It is creating waves in various industries, but its impact on the internet has been significantly exceptional. With perks such as personalisation and automation, it is revolutionising the internet we use today.

Personalisation: The AI algorithms used on the websites and mobile applications are able to comprehend the user’s preferences and serve them with personalised content and recommendations. This in turn has enhanced sales for online businesses as people now have an immersive experience. Moreover, as AI is able to capture, store, and process mammoth amounts of data, businesses are able to get insights into their customers’ needs and provide the appropriate solutions that resonate with them.

Automation: Another aspect where AI has been changing the internet is the ability to automate. This has led to several innovations, such as customer service via AI-powered chatbots. This has led to huge cost savings and time savings for businesses, as they can now focus on more strategic tasks. Moreover, with the emergence of NLP (natural language processing) and generative AI, conversations have become more natural and intuitive.

All things considered 

Today, the world is undergoing several transformations, and the internet is acting as a significant catalyst. Internet users, including both consumers and businesses, are leveraging it for convenience and to earn revenues. The broadband service providers have been a critical player in this proliferation in India with their exceptional services and lightning-fast internet.

With the amalgamation of cutting-edge technologies such as AI, the internet has been experiencing significant changes in terms of enhancing search experiences, global reach, and speed of information. As the technology matures, we will experience further innovations and transformations on the internet, with new use cases of AI solving business as well as societal issues.