T-Hub Selects 12 Australian Startups for The Big LEAP Incubator Program


India: T-Hub today announced the selection of 12 Australian startups for the first cohort of the Big LEAP Incubator program in partnership with partnership La Trobe University, Arrow Digital, a digital marketing agency and Investible, an early-stage venture capital firm. The selected startups will be provided soft landing and enterprising opportunities in the Indian market. The program will guide and mentor the startups in the areas of go-to-market strategy, business expansion plans, local market access and networking opportunities. 

The program aims to fine-tune the expansion business plans of the startups, test their ideas for the Indian market, hone their skills, and build a strong network with Indian stakeholders for their long term success. The twelve-month program with expert mentors from T-Hub and its partners will work on the startups’ enhancement, growth, acceleration, and readiness. Selected startups for the program are CI Business Solutions and Analytics, AgVantage Commodities Pty Ltd, Miifile Pty Ltd, Brane Labs Pty Ltd, CashD Pty Ltd, Sixti, Next Address Pty Ltd, Mist Financial Pty Ltd, Tech Ideaz Pty Ltd, New Will Tech Holdings Pty Ltd, Meetmycoach pty ltd, and Edit on the Spot. 

This hybrid program will have in-person and virtual workshops by industry experts to provide personalized mentoring and a self-service learning platform to startups. It is divided into three phases namely the Intensive phase, the Acceleration phase and the Immersion phase and a challenge at the end of each phase. The Intensive phase will comprise twelve weeks long bootcamp workshops of face-to-face and virtual sessions on go-to-market strategies, product-market fit and 1:1 business mentoring. The Accelerator phase of 6 months will continue with the ongoing mentoring for individual startups, with a focus on making their pitch investor-ready, along with group workshops and on-site working sessions. The last phase, Immersion Phase will include a three-week trip to India for three startups from this cohort, providing them with an opportunity to pitch their idea to potential investors and corporates. This phase will be for three months and will end with a startup showcase and pitch night event where the startups will stand a chance to raise funding.

MSR, CEO of T-Hub said, “Our collaboration with La Trobe University, Arrow Digital and Investible will help us in bridging the gap between our two high-growth markets and strengthening the network of India’s growing startup ecosystem with that of a global network.  Through our robust innovation ecosystem, we aim to fine-tune the selected startups’ value propositions and provide them with a gateway to explore the Indian market. The program will provide them with an incredible networking opportunity, commercialization opportunity in India, and make them investor ready as well to raise funding. The Big LEAP program is also an exciting opportunity for our Indian entrepreneurs to connect with some of the most talented innovators from across the globe.”

Jasmine Batra, Co-founder and Managing Director at Arrow Digital said, ‘Over the past few decades, India’s uptake in the technology realm has taken big leaps, with the country now contributing significantly to the global ecosystem. The recent strategic partnership deals between the Australian and Indian governments make this an opportune time for Australian founders looking to expand internationally to explore commercialization opportunities in India. The program will shorten their route to this new & vast market and accelerate future growth”.

Cerasela Tanasescu, director, La Trobe Regional Accelerator said, “We are excited to follow these promising start-ups on their journey and look forward to share with you their development and successes.”

The selected startups will be trained by a pool of mentors and industry experts such as Jasmine Batra, Co-founder and Managing Director at Arrow Digital, Cerasela Tanasescu, Director at La Trobe University, Elisa-Marie Dumas, Head of Programs & Partnerships at Investible, and Priyanka Ravala, Senior Program Manager at T-Hub, among others.

For more information about the program, visit https://t-hub.co/the-big-leap-incubator-program/.

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