Telangana is on the Forefront for Energy Conservation Activities

TSREDCO (Telangana State Renewable Energy Development Corporation Ltd.) is Proactive in the Successful Implementation of Energy Conservation Programme Across the State, says N Janaiah, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, TSREDCO Ltd, in conversation with Jyoti Bhagat, Assistant Editor, TimesTech Buzz.


TimesTech Buzz: What are TSREDCO’s Initiatives in Building a Better Future in the Energy Conservation Building in Hyderabad?

Janaiah: TSREDCO is the leading in practice of implementation of energy conservation building code(ECBC). For commercial buildings that have a plant area of 1000 sq. metres and our build up area is 2000 square meters. The online development management system (ODMS) of all Urban local bodies is reach of its kind in India.

Also, Telangana is the first state in India Incorporated ECBC in the state specific municipal act with the Mandatory ECBC complaints in the state. More than 137 buildings are compiled with an estimated Energy saving of 65 million of Units.

TimesTech Buzz: How TSREDCO Engineers Monitors & Verify the Initiated Renewable Energy Technologies?

Janaiah: When it comes to monitoring initiated renewable energy technologies TSREDCO (Telangana State Renewable Energy Development Corporation Ltd.) is the first state to implement a DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer System). Whenever the Subsidy component releases from the ministry of power MNRE it will be directly transferred to the consumers.

Besides above we have also got an exclusive IT wing which monitors the real time analysis of generation of various solar modules which are developed under the RESCO mode as per real time analysis and comparing the efficiency of the modules and also the PLF for getting the HUV target of the assigned particular service load particulars.

TimesTech Buzz: How TSREDCO Promote R&D for Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation?

Janaiah: As far as R&D has concerned Telangana State is Planning the Exclusively R&D centre in consultation with the IIIT Hyderabad, ASCI Hyderabad and other RE sector people like NRDC etc to have energy storage solution and also e Mobility for all activities of the SDA & SNA of TSREDCO.

TimesTech Buzz: What are the Various Programmes & Strategies TSREDCO is Following in Implementing Energy Conservation in the State?

Janaiah: The various programmes are as follows- LED Street light program- Telangana State has successfully implemented the replacement of conventional streetlight with the energy efficiency LED Street lights in 73 urban local bodies. Only in GHMs area more than 4.5 Lakhs street lights have replaced the energy demand of 40 megawatts and achieved 132 Million units of energy conserved Particularly in Hyderabad greater municipal corporation area. With the encouraging results of the above LED Street light programmes government of Telangana has initiated the LED street programme. The Energy department and Panchayati raj department of Telangana are working proactively in the successful implementation of energy conservation programme with the assistance of the TSREDCO.

TimesTech Buzz: What shall be the Planning and Preparation for 2021 for Pro Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Activities?

Janaiah: As of now completing the total assigned energy conservation activity is our foremost agenda for 2021 because 12,786 Gram Panchayats LED Street light replacement is a major uphill task assigned by the Honorable CM OF Telangana and also major Implication of PAT and other schemes which are in pipeline will be completed by the end of 2021 so that entire Telangana is on forefront for having an energy conservation activity and also the renewable front.

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