The Evolving Communications Landscape


Converging technologies and collaboration solutions are addressing the communication needs of today’s evolving ecosystem. Automation, provisioning and blend of physical and virtual resources are transforming the enterprise communications industry with flexibility to adapt to customer’s communications requirements and market opportunities. Cloud & Mobility is helping simplify organizations’ infrastructure and reduce costs with high-performance secure, scalable and customized solutions. This is also helping accelerate deployment of communications infrastructure with fast access and quick turnaround time. To sum it all, a converged network offers enormous capabilities, since the integration of communications systems increases collaboration, productivity and quality of experience.


Enterprises are seeking optimization and automation techniques and processes to deliver productivity & performance more efficiently. Addressing this enormous phenomenon, technology and application providers are gearing up to serve the communications needs of expanding and evolving ecosystem. With the surge in devices and bandwidth, vendors are offering customers an open enterprise collaboration platform, which seamlessly integrates with wide range of devices and applications, deliver robust applications quickly and free up resources.

The digital transformation is driven by rapid innovation in enterprise mobility technologies, at the same time helping enterprises to be more intuitive, agile and transparent. Converging networks and new enterprise applications continues to boost workforce productivity, drive innovation, lower expenses, build scalability and reliability, while maximizing resource and technology to grow revenues, increase profitability and streamline operational costs.

Telecommunication continues to be at the focal point for disruption, delivering continued momentum and increased collaboration with newer technologies and applications, such as; Internet of Things (IoT), automation & surveillance solutions, accelerating critical enterprise decisions and analytics. 5G capabilities are taking us to ultra-low-latency and extensive capacity, paving the way for machine to machine communication and new-age technologies like; artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Evolving communication technologies and open architecture are presenting tremendous growth opportunities and organizations are eventually move away from proprietary hardware-based network equipment to open source based functionalities, which allows them to deploy greater processes and manage their enterprise communications cost effectively and more efficiently.

The Trends:

Powered by Open Source telephony platform to ensure compliance with SIP-based protocols, there will be seamless integration of IP PBX with surveillance devices. This would make all surveillance solutions extremely easy to install and manage, while creating room for augmentation, scalability and future expansion. As organizations combine their security set-up with the existing communications infrastructure the surveillance application gets integrated with existing IP/Ethernet networks, thereby saving huge costs, as it eliminates the need of added hardware and new infrastructure. The addition of IOT devices for monitoring & control and establishing seamless enterprise connection will be the key transformation for future.

An essential and upcoming wave of change for the enterprise communication will be the emergence of IP PBX as the centre piece of work flow automation application – built on open architecture, that connects various enterprise IT devices, captures, analyses and derives actionable knowledge from customer interactions. With real time analytics, businesses will be able to detect critical experiences, e.g.; contact centre employee behaviour during customer interaction, quality of customer engagement and help them analyse quickly. Businesses can track and engage customers across multiple communication channels with accuracy, measuring engagement effectiveness and collecting & acting on real-time feedback. The derived analytics would assist in identifying and resolving bottlenecks in enterprise processes and workflows, eventually improving performance.

Accelerating progress and addressing communication challenges the telecommunications industry is transforming fast to deliver successful application performance, integrated connectivity, flexibility & interoperability across platforms, networks and devices.

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