Microlyte a Pioneer Name in India for Lithium ion battery


MICROMAX pioneers in Indian mobile hand set manufacturers have ventured in Lithium Batteries around a year back. Now Microlyte Lithium ion energy products are available for electric vehicles, solar storage, smart cities, automation, robotics etc. Micromax has plants at strategic locations at Hyderabad, Bhiwadi, Rudrapur etc. have logistics advantage to cover pan India supplies and support. Indian market is predominant with lead acid batteries but Lithium is making inroads where battery is used as a fuel or as a better storage medium. Electric vehicles are coming up fast in India and Govt. programs support make in India products. The FAME 2 scheme specially applies with conditions like domestic contents, phased manufacturing program etc.

As a whole Lithium batteries are compact, lightweight with fast charging quality so they surpass lead acid batteries on all fronts except initial cost. Lithium batteries are still a better investment as they work out cheaper if we compare cycle life. The internal resistance of lithium batteries is far superior then that of lead acid so it’s more efficient in charging/discharging etc. Most lithium batteries charge in 2-3 hours as compared to 8-9 hours in lead acid. India mostly have high average temperature in most places so the batteries should be designed to sustain such high temperatures and Microlyte Lithium batteries are specially designed to sustain high temperature conditions. Micromax is deeply involved in lithium battery space and have invested in 1500W laser welding machine set up to have best of quality of the battery pack. Laser welding helps in absorbing vibrations on bumpy roads and also reduces internal resistance of battery pack so over all it makes a more efficient battery pack.

India mainly lag in cell manufacturing and some cell manufacturing plant should come up by 2020. First and foremost important thing is to have a cell manufacturing plant in India. Without this we would remain dependent on China, Korea, European companies. Another challenge is resources for cell manufacturing as India does not have basic raw material such as Cobalt, Lithium etc. so we would remain dependent on countries like Argentina, Bolivia, Chile etc. for raw material supplies. As of now we lack slightly in lithium technology though some Indian PSUs are providing technology. India still is good in making lithium batteries as we have sufficient expertise in making battery packs. Another integral part of any lithium battery pack is BMS- Battery Management System. This is like heart of any lithium battery. BMS control high and low voltage & current cut off, do cell balancing, protect battery pack from short circuit, protect battery from high temperature as BMS has cell level and pack level sensors to monitor temperatures. CAN communication protocol can be added if required. India is a huge market for lithium battery packs as we are passing through a revolution in EV space with so many E Rickshaws, E Autos, E Bikes, E Scooters, E cars coming in 2019-20. Apart from this, last 4 years were very good in solarizing villages with solar street lights and home lights with back up from LiFePO4 battery packs. Now India boasts of electrifying most villages and that has happened due to Saubhagya scheme of Govt. which mandates use of Lithium batteries only.

Micromax mainly focuses in Lithium battery packs of 1Kwhr to 25Kwhr. We have products for electric vehicles mainly in 2&3 wheeler space. In Solar we have battery packs for solar home light, solar street light and rural electrification. We also have containerized BESS- Battery Energy Storage System in MW level. Micromax has battery packs in both lithium technologies of NCM with 3.7v cells and LifePO4 (LFP) with 3.2v cells but focus area is LFP battery packs. Micromax battery packs are tested at ICAT & NABL etc.