Ultra-Wide Input DC/DCs suit E-Mobility Applications


300W and 360W rated chassis-mount DC/DCs have 18-106VDC input range.Responding to the growing call for cost-effective DC/DC conversion in electric vehicle applications, RECOM is launching their RMOD300-UW and RMOD360UW products with an ultra-wide input range of 18 to 106VDC (126VDC/10mins). Covering all typical nominal battery input voltages from 24Vnom up to 90Vnom, the 300W-rated RMOD300-UW is available with output voltages of 12.2, 13.7 or 24.5VDC while the 360W-rated RMOD360-UW provides 24.5VDC.

The parts are presented in an aluminum baseplate cooled format, footprint 190 x 76mm with a height of just 44mm, featuring MOLEXTM connectors for easy input and output terminations. The waterproof and dust-proof polycarbonate housing provides IP67 sealing for electronic components and IP20 for the overall product (optionally IP67 for some models with alternative connectors), in pollution degree 2 (PD2) environments up to 5000m altitude.

Input/output isolation rating is 2250VDC ‘basic’ grade according to IEC/EN/UL/CSA 62368-1 and 550VDC output to baseplate while EMC standards in the IEC 61000 series are met, as required by EN 12895 – EMC for industrial trucks.

Comprehensive protection is provided – input reverse polarity and under-voltage lockout, over-temperature, output over-voltage, over current and short circuit. Products with the same output voltage may be paralleled for increased power and an ON/OFF control is included. High efficiency levels of around 90% allow the compact DC/DCs to run from -40°C to +75°C ambient with derating. Parts are qualified for shock and vibration according to IEC 60068-2 and achieve an MTBF of up to 740kHrs.

“Our new RMOD DC/DCs with 300 and 360W ratings are an ideal, robust solution for E-mobility and transport applications where their plug-and-play features make them easy to integrate, and to provide stable 12V or 24V network voltages electric vehicles, forklift trucks, AGVs and construction vehicles from the widely varying or higher voltage traction battery and where the environment can be harsh”, commented Marco Kuhn Plug & Play product manager.

Parts include a three-year warranty, and samples and OEM pricing are available from authorized distributors, or directly from RECOM.