Vector enables power of Infineon’s AURIX TC4x cyber security features


The rapidly growing connectivity of vehicles offers numerous opportunities for new, innovative automotive functionalities. At the same time, the potential for cyber-attacks on vehicle networks is increasing. It is therefore of great importance for car manufacturers and suppliers to implement appropriate security measures to ensure the safety of vehicles and passengers. Infineon and Vector are working together to further enhance automotive cybersecurity. Vector’s AUTOSAR Classic embedded software MICROSAR Classic supports Infineon’s new AURIX TC4x microcontroller (MCU) family.

The AURIX TC4x family is compliant to the latest cybersecurity and safety standards ISO/SAE 21434 and ISO 26262.The security concept eliminates performance bottlenecks in fast and secured communication and supports post-quantum cryptography. All AURIX TC4x MCUs are equipped with a Cyber Security Realtime Module (CSRM) with dedicated memory as well as a Cyber Security Satellite (CSS). The CSS provides accelerators for cryptographic services that can be executed in parallel. Vector’s firmware MICROSAR HSM supports the hardware-accelerated calculation of crypto operations by the CSS. The Crypto Satellite is directly addressed by a MICROSAR Classic Crypto driver of the host CPU, achieving maximized throughput, and eliminating delays introduced by the inter-process-communication with the cyber security satellite. The key management between the CSS and the CSRM is performed by the firmware MICROSAR HSM. This architecture enables a significant performance increase compared to conventional crypto hardware acceleration in HSMs. 

“With the Crypto Satellite, Infineon offers a sophisticated and powerful solution. Thanks to the good and close cooperation, we were able to implement the firmware for the CSS at an early stage, which has already proven itself in prototype projects”, said Matthias Traub, Director of the Embedded Software and Systems department at Vector.

“Vector’s tools equip engineers with a significant advantage, enabling them to simplify and manage challenging and highly complex subject areas. Together with our MCUs, Vector and Infineon enable customers to achieve highest reliability and quality”, said Lars Wemme, Senior Vice President ADAS, Chassis & EE-Architecture at Infineon. “We look forward to a continued close partnership with our new AURIX TC4x generation.”

With the new cyber security concept of AURIX TC4x Infineon meets the requirements of future software-defined vehicles, for example by supporting SOTA (Software over the air) application scenarios that require fast, safe and secured distribution of software updates from the cloud and within the in-vehicle network. Along with that, the new security cluster also serves communication protocols with authentication and authenticated encryption, which are gaining importance in future platforms.