WLPC 2024 in Phoenix Arizona Spectrum analyzers from Aaronia inspire experts


Aaronia AG was also represented at this most important global meeting of the WLAN industry. After all, the new wireless standards require new technologies, which makes it necessary to open up new frequency ranges. Ever shorter signals in high frequency ranges need to be analyzed, which is why detailed analyses of signal duration are becoming increasingly important. The extremely fast real-time spectrum analyzers of the SPECTRAN V6 series are predestined for use in modern WLAN environments.

In addition to the presentations, where industry experts share their practical experience from all areas of the WLAN industry, the three-hour deep dives are among the most important events. These are intensive workshops in which the relevant equipment is provided by the organizers. The highlight this year was the Aaronia Deep Dive under the motto “Learn to use an Aaronia V6 Spectrum Analyzer”. Led by industry icon Peter Mackenzie and supported by the expert Aaronia team, the two types SPECTRAN V6 PLUS 500XA-6 and V6 ECO 150XA-6 inspired the participants. “Aaronia is the coolest spectrum analyzer you can get”, “The Aaronia SPECTRAN V6 PLUS has tremendous power for its compact size” or “MackenzieWiFi and the Aaronia AG guys know what they are doing and the product is amazing!” were just some of the comments on the performance of the named devices.

“The extremely positive response from the participants of our Deep Dive at the WLPC shows that our real-time spectrum analyzers in combination with the RTSA Suite PRO are setting new standards in measurement technology,” says Thorsten Chmielus, CEO of Aaronia AG. “But we are already working on the next SPECTRAN generations. With a frequency range of up to 110GHz (depending on the model), the SPECTRAN V6 XPLORER, for example, is the new player in the high-frequency range. As a cost-effective development platform, its performance opens up completely new areas of application.”

The real-time spectrum analyzers of the SPECTRAN V6 series accelerate all measurements with their real-time bandwidth of up to 450MHz or sweep speed of >3,000 GHz/s. This enables faster spectrum updates and the acquisition of transient signals, which is particularly important when analyzing frequency hopping signals or searching for intermittent disturbances. Within the frequency range from 9 kHz to 110 GHz, even extremely short-lived signals can be detected, localized and their cause determined or eliminated.

At its heart is the modular real-time spectrum monitoring software “RTSA-Suite PRO”, a powerful software package for signal recording and data analysis. With the help of the modular system, even complex measurement tasks can be configured within a very short time using drag & drop. By combining different blocks, a visual image of the measurement setup is created. Numerous optionally available software modules extend the functional scope of the SPECTRAN V6 analyzer series from Aaronia AG.

In the near future, the RTSA Suite PRO will be expanded with modules for easier analysis and configuration of WiFi networks. This will make life much easier for installers and service technicians in industrial or commercial environments as well as in the end consumer sector.