Workhall’s Customer Support Head backs no-code AI for accessible business solutions


In a conversation with TimesTech, Vinishaaghayathri Narasimhan, Customer and Partner Support Head at Workhall, sheds light on the transformative power of no-code AI. Simplifying complex concepts, she emphasizes how these platforms empower non-technical individuals, offering customizable solutions and enhancing decision-making. The interview delves into real-life applications, highlighting the advantages, challenges, and the pivotal role of accurate data in optimizing the efficiency of no-code AI tools.

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TimesTech: How would you simplify the concept of no-code AI for someone unfamiliar with technical jargon?

Ms. Narasimhan: No-Code is basically a software development strategy that empowers individuals to build applications for their businesses without the need for coding knowledge. Instead of relying on intermediaries with heavy infrastructure expenses, you can opt for a unified, affordable platform for building, deploying, and scaling apps. This is where no-code AI comes in. It enables users to create and deploy artificial intelligence models without requiring coding knowledge. You can automate tasks, analyze data, and make predictions using no-code AI without having to write complex code or hire expensive developers. It democratizes AI technology, allowing it to be used by a broader range of people and businesses. This fusion allows effortless app construction with easy-to-assemble components using simple instructions.

TimesTech: What advantages do no-code AI platforms offer individuals without technical backgrounds, making them accessible to them?

Ms. Narasimhan: There is no denying the fact that no-code AI platforms offer huge benefits to citizen developers—those with little to no coding experience. This is where, with no-code tools, you can transform your vision into tangent applications without deviating from your strategic needs and requirements. As no-code AI tools offer immense customization and flexibility factors, this enables you to build adaptable, robust solutions for your business. Moreover, the task management solution that comes with no-code AI tools pulls heavy manual workloads out of the workload, allowing you to focus on key tasks at hand, leaving no room for backlogs. It also helps to foster smart, secure collaboration that unlocks crystal-clear delegations, increasing accessibility. Also, monitor the enterprise-scale business operations with ease.

TimesTech: Can you exemplify scenarios or industries where the straightforward nature of no-code AI tools proves exceptionally beneficial? Share instances where these tools shine in real-life applications.

Ms. Narasimhan: Employee onboarding is a common process that is done in all organizations. Consider the following employee onboarding workflow: The steps include gathering documentation, signing paperwork, conducting inductions, and finally providing the necessary materials and training to new hires. To approach and complete the work, multiple mediums and channels are used. However, it makes tracking the process and recording data difficult, resulting in process gaps. What if you could do everything under one roof, on one platform? This is where no-code AI platforms emerged as an ideal solution. A centralized system for orchestrating processes, tracking progress, storing related documentation and data, delegating teams, and other functions

TimesTech: How can businesses leverage no-code AI to enhance operations and decision-making, especially for non-technical personnel?

Ms. Narasimhan: In order to flourish and succeed in today’s competitive era, decision-making has emerged as a critical aspect for enterprises. This is where no-code AI tools empower non-technical personnel by providing data visualizations, intuitive reports, and custom dashboards for data-driven decision-making. These platforms offer data-backed insights, facilitate strategic initiatives, and enhance resilience in the dynamic commercial landscape.

TimesTech: In handling data, how do no-code AI tools navigate information? Additionally, what challenges might arise when managing enterprise-scale data?

Ms. Narasimhan: Information is the backbone of every organization. Many organizations dabble with multiple spreadsheets, disparate systems, and loads of paperwork to handle data. In fact, there are three challenges with the above approach. One, you might not be able to find the right information at the right time. Two, security concerns may pop up as countless channels of data storage are used. The third is facing difficulty in data scaling. Therefore, to deal with the obstacles, no-code AI tools provide a secured, centralized data management system to store and retrieve information in just a few clicks, in a matter of seconds. This allows easy navigation through enterprise-scale data, addressing issues such as difficulty in finding information, security concerns, and data scaling. The tools transform master data into visual reports, ensuring meaningful insights.

TimesTech: Why is accurate data crucial for the effective utilization of no-code AI applications? How does data quality impact the efficiency of these tools?

Ms. Narasimhan: Accurate data is crucial for effective no-code AI applications. As the enterprise grows, manual data handling leads to data errors and poor data management. Thus, when integrated with existing software, no-code AI tools emphasize data quality through automation, centralized data management, and cloud storage infrastructure. Data cleansing and processing are essential for optimal performance.