Alphadroid’s RaaS Revolution: Robotics Transforming Restaurants and Beyond


In an exclusive interview with TimesTech, Mr. Sanjeev Kumar, Founder of Alphadroid, sheds light on the transformative impact of their subscription-based Robot as a Service (RaaS) model in the restaurant industry. Alphadroid’s pioneering approach not only enhances operational efficiency but also sets the stage for a broader role of robotics in various service sectors. Kumar discusses the company’s commitment to personalized customer experiences and global expansion, showcasing their vision for a future where robotics seamlessly integrates with human ingenuity.

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TimesTech: What advantages has Alphadroid observed in its subscription-based Robot as a Service (RaaS) model for the restaurant industry?

Mr. Sanjeev: We have seen profound benefits with our subscription-based Robot as a Service (RaaS) model in the restaurant industry. Our approach empowers restaurants to embrace technological advancements, fostering efficiency and streamlining operations. Unlike traditional purchasing models, our subscription model democratizes access to robots, making them affordable for establishments of all sizes. This ensures that even small restaurants and cafes can benefit from robotic solutions. Moreover, our subscription-based model enables continuous access to the latest upgrades and innovations without substantial upfront costs. Ultimately, Alphadroid’s RaaS model enhances operational effectiveness, elevates customer experiences, and drives revenue growth for restaurants across the board.

TimesTech: How does Alphadroid leverage technology to enhance customer experience in restaurants, and can you share specific examples?

Mr. Sanjeev: Leveraging cutting-edge technology; our innovative robot has multiple capabilities that come together to provide an holistic solution for effective guest experiences. From digital menu display to offering personalised recommendations, taking orders, and connecting diners directly with chefs for orders. With integrated billing through QR codes, Alphadroid streamlines the dining process, ensuring efficiency and convenience. Its interactive features, including the display of expressive faces upon a double tap, as well as smart-lighting and music capabilities,  enhance guest engagement and satisfaction. We’re dedicated to setting new industry standards by redefining dining experiences through seamless integration and forward-thinking robotics.

TimesTech: As pioneers, how do you foresee the evolving role of robotics in service industries beyond restaurants?

Mr. Sanjeev: As pioneers in India’s subscription-based Robot as a Service (RaaS) sector, we foresee a transformative role for robotics beyond restaurants. Our vision is to harness robotics to streamline operations and simplify tasks across various service industries, particularly hospitality. From revolutionising hotel services to optimising product delivery, robotics will play a pivotal role in enhancing operational efficiency across the board. It’s crucial to emphasise that robots are designed to complement human efforts, not replace them. By taking over mundane tasks, employees are freed to focus on the guest experience, improving satisfaction among all parties. At Alphadroid, we’re dedicated to spearheading this technological revolution by developing robotic solutions for a variety of hospitality establishments, ensuring widespread adoption across service sectors.

TimesTech: How does Alphadroid contribute to personalised customer experiences, and what impact have interactive features had on engagement?

Mr. Sanjeev: At Alphadroid, we prioritise personalised customer experiences through innovative features like the display of expressive faces upon double-tap, as well as the use of smart-lighting and music for special occasions. These interactions leave a lasting impression, enriching the overall dining journey for guests. Our robots serve as reliable companions, facilitating seamless interactions and ensuring guest satisfaction throughout their restaurant visit. The integration of interactive features alongside digital menu options and streamlined billing processes redefines the restaurant experience, enhancing engagement and leaving guests with unforgettable memories.

TimesTech: What is Alphadroid’s strategy for global expansion and how does it plan to adapt its solutions to diverse cultural settings?

Mr. Sanjeev: By first serving the pan-India region, we hope to acquire the skills and knowledge to appeal to a wide-variety of establishments seeking different solutions that align with their business model and branding. Furthermore, our team is wide-spread across the region and globe, and are passionate about bringing robotics to the masses. The diverse skills that the Alphadroid team possesses will allow us to adapt our solutions to different cultural settings with great dedication. Above all, we seek to work closely with our partners to tailor our robotic solutions to serve their specific business needs, taking into account the differences that may come with that.

TimesTech: Can you briefly share the inspiration and challenges behind developing Alphadroid’s flagship robotic solutions?

Mr. Sanjeev: In developing Alphadroid, we were seeking to embody the seamless integration of human ingenuity and robotics, envisioning a future with innovative solutions and a meaningful societal impact. Our mission extends beyond merely using automation to boost efficiency; it’s about doing more with robotics and creating opportunities that contribute to the greater good. The process did not come without its challenges, as with all start-ups. However, our dedicated team has proven that embracing a mindset fuelled by hope and grit amid challenges is key as we progress forward. This attitude, reflecting life’s essence, empowers us to confront obstacles head-on.