Hikvision solutions to maximize efficiency & security of accessibility


In residential communities, commercial centers, and even industrial parks, ensuring effective site accessibility and security can be a challenge, as people come and go, alone or in crowds. Hikvision India provides a portfolio of solutions to help customers maintain efficient and secure accessibility on site.

Residents, employees, customers, deliverymen, maintenance personnel, and others create the familiar hustle and bustle at large buildings and facilities. In places like these where people come and go continuously, site operators must become experts in a variety of access control and security systems and products to know which functions are included and which are not. Their choices must ensure that authorized people – like employees, suppliers, visitors, and contractors – can all access sites and facilities quickly and easily.

At the same time, on-site personnel must protect the sites and populations by identifying unauthorized people and then denying them access, which is essential in minimizing security events, vandalism, and other security risks. Organizations also risk investing further in access and security functions they already have, or, in other cases, finding gaps that are difficult to fill in a cost-effective way.

For these scenarios, Hikvision has created a range of solutions to simplify site accessibility and security management and to give customers clearer access to the specific functions they need. It offers a roadmap to help customers accurately choose and deploy the functions they need to keep everyone safe while also guiding everyone to the right place at the right time at their sites.

In this portfolio, key functional solutions can be mixed-and-matched to meet specific needs for all kinds of sites, such as residential communities, shopping malls, office towers, airports, industrial parks, and much more. Here are a few of the essentials that Hikvision’s solutions include.

Access Control

Administrators commonly encounter the challenging task of granting authorized people access to necessary areas. Access control solutions have come a long way from keys, pin codes, and physical cards, but as technology advances, better solutions get introduced regularly. Hikvision Access Control solutions use multiple biometric authentication methods, including face and fingerprint recognition, to ensure that only authorized people enter buildings or sites. These solutions use deep learning algorithms to automate recognition of authorized people and to grant or deny access to sites or restricted areas. “Rapid passage solutions” can be deployed at entrances and exits where many people need to pass in a short timeframe, and “extra-high security solutions” employ multi-factor authentication and other technologies for restricted areas.

Vehicle Entrance and Exit

Vehicles regularly enter and exit from parking lots at all kinds of locations. Effectively and precisely identifying these vehicles, allowing registered vehicles in and out, and charging parking fees, challenges managers daily. Hikvision’s solutions for Vehicle Entrance and Exit Control help customers ensure that only authorized vehicles enter a site, while also improving on-site navigation and parking. These solutions recognize vehicle license plates (using ANPR cameras) and cross-reference this information with access “rules” at the back end. Multiple parameters and rules in the system allow site managers to either grant or refuse access to vehicles as required, and to manage on-site vehicle routing and parking (both paid and unpaid).

Employee Attendance

At the enterprise level, finding an easy and efficient way to manage employee attendance is important for management. Using biometric authentication solutions such as face and fingerprint recognition, Hikvision’s solutions help organizations create an accurate, auditable record of employee time and attendance. A wide range of scheduling and attendance reports comes included with each solution as needed, with simple deployment in the cloud. Site managers can set up and deploy Hikvision time and attendance solutions quickly and easily on a single site, or at multiple sites.

Visitor Management

Visitor management is another headache for accessibility concerns, as both convenience and safety must be considered. Hikvision’s Visitor Management solutions maximize site security while also providing a much faster and better experience for visitors. Visitors can register and make an appointment via a mobile app or online, allowing site staff to grant them quick access to their authorized areas when they arrive. There are options for a receptionist to receive visitors in person as well as for visitors to check in and enter buildings using a self-service terminal.

Perimeter Protection

Perimeter protection has traditionally been a core component for site security. Here, Hikvision provides highly reliable Perimeter solutions for all kinds of scenarios, whether “short,” “medium,” or “long.” Key features of these solutions include real-time alerts and auditory and visual warnings to deter trespassers before they enter buildings or step foot on sites. With AI features to distinguish people and vehicles from other moving objects such as animals or falling leaves, the security team can focus their efforts on real security threats and respond to incidents much faster.

Flow Control

The ability to accurately count numbers of visitors and customers can be a major advantage for commercial organizations, improving service, safety, and even sales. Using dual-lens cameras with 3D binocular stereo vision and deep learning algorithms, Hikvision provides intuitive notifications and timely alarms when the number of people in a specified area reaches the preset threshold. With the ability to count people in queues and crowds, Hikvision’s Flow Control solutions enable users to respond with, for example, increased staffing at peak times or other actions that improve efficiency and service quality. Users also get a clear view of how many people enter and leave a site for improved security and safety.