Mouser stock TE connectivity interconnect connectors provide modular power, signal, data solutions


June 12, 2019 – Mouser Electronics is now stocking Intercontec connectors with TE Connectivity (TE). Interpretation of TE’s interconnect connector data, defined by the simplicity of design and easy assembly, provides a reliable, optimized solution for power and signal transmission. Modular, highly versatile connectors are suitable for a wide range of applications including robotics, drive systems, medical devices, aerospace, chemical engineering, and transport.

TE’s Intercontec connectors are available from Mouser Electronics in a variety of sizes, functions, and power levels — all of which include color coding that prevents the faulty mating of connectors when wiring complex equipment. The connectors feature an innovative 1/8 quick locking system that helps reduce installation times and the risk of failures during on-site installations. All Intercontec connectors are IP 66/67 rated (unless specifically stated otherwise) to meet EN 60529 qualifications.

The Intercontec series 617 are 12- or 17-pin signal connectors that support up to 7 A maximum power and are available with either M17 threaded or SpeedTec quick-lock fastener. The series 623 are M23 signal connectors with support for designs requiring up to 160 V and 20 A. The series 615 and 915 are signal and power connectors, respectively, that include ytec and itec quick-lock fasteners.

TE’s Intercontec series 917 power connectors are M17 threaded connectors that support up to 20 A max power and 4, 7, or 9 pins. The series 923 power connectors are M23 threaded connectors with 200 A max power, while the series 958 power connectors feature 150 A max power and 630 V voltage.

The Intercontec connectors’ modular architecture makes them compatible in a number of different combinations, while their plug-and-play concept allows for quick installation and simple replacement of defective parts.

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