Route launches OCEAN, expands Digital Identity Suite under TruSense


Route Mobile Limited announced the launch of its Omnichannel Experience Automation Network (OCEAN), a personalized omnichannel CX Suite. It has also expanded its digital identity security suite – TruSense with launch of three new products – TruScore, TruAuth, TruFa. 

On the launch of OCEAN and TruSense offerings at its flagship event, Route Amplify, Rajdipkumar Gupta, Managing Director & Group CEO, Route Mobile said, “I am proud of how far we have come on this journey of providing the best customer experience possible. OCEAN and TruSense are a result of this continuous quest to perfect customer engagement and experience across multiple touchpoints while providing robust security without inconveniencing the end user.”

OCEAN – is a Personalized Omnichannel CX Suite that lets enterprises engage with end-users through a unified experience to deliver personalized messages across all customer touchpoints including mobile, web and social channels. This platform can be leveraged by various industries including BFSI, Retail, E-commerce, Hospitality, Travel, Media and Logistics to transform their user engagement journey. OCEAN brings all customer conversations on a single platform, allowing brands to understand preferences through advanced analytics and leverage conversational UX to provide more responsive customer support.

The OCEAN platform is one of the first products to come out of Route Mobile’s R&D center – RouteLab, which was established in Bengaluru, in 2022. 

“OCEAN plugs the gaps in the customer journey, right from engagement and acquisition to conversion. The suite is designed to provide a personalized experience, allowing customers to engage with their favorite brands across channels. With its ICE (Insights – Conversations – Engagement) framework, this suite provides valuable insights about their customers who may be at various points of the journey and also improves response times for a positive experience”, said Milind Pathak, Group Chief Business Officer, Route Mobile

TruSense (“Trusense Identity Limited”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Route Mobile, introduced three new products, namely TruScore, TruAuth and TruFa. TruScore gives businesses actionable insights into phone number trustworthiness. TruAuth enables secure phone number verification with an improved customer experience and TruFA provides a single interface for phone number verification, combining our number intelligence with both new and traditional authentication channels. These offerings will strengthen BFSI, Gaming, Retail and E-commerce companies — that require a powerful authentication and risk management solution that protect their customers from digital frauds, social engineering scams and SIM swap frauds while ensuring a hassle-free user experience.

“We envision a world free of digital fraud where no consumer faces risks related to identity theft, forgery, SIM swap, phishing, SMishing, social engineering, account takeover and online fraud. The new set of offerings are our first in the line-up of more solutions to come as we expand our digital identity suite. We have seen a lot of success with these products in Columbia and we plan to roll them out to more countries in coming months”, shared David Vigar, Executive Vice President (Digital Identity). 

These solutions further strengthen the offerings of Route Mobile and will enable enterprises to go beyond traditional CPaaS to create a robust, secure and omnichannel customer communication strategy.